Thursday, November 12, 2009

Its Rightful Place

The Incomparable Stephanie Perkins posted two great videos on her blog Natural Artificial that both made me laugh very hard. And then...

And then.

She pushed--no reached--too far. She posted a third video that she claimed, let's see, ah yes...


Aforementioned video is entitled "Then he kissed me - Jim Sturgess". Feel free to find it through the above link for comparison or to drool if you're into Hot British Men. Stephanie is, admittedly, the HBM Connoisseur and Writer of Good Words but apparently expert on best video of all time she is not.

I am throwing down the children's book blog gauntlet right now. Certainly if ever such a GREATEST VIDEO EVER (etc, etc) existed it would have two components. FIRSTLY, it would have a timelessness to it (sorry Sturgey) and SECONDLY, it would have Christopher Walken in it. And THIRD, wait there was no third, THIRD, it would be THIS video. Which unfortunately I'm afraid you'll just have to click on through the link because the embedding feature has been disabled.

So there Stephanie Perkins, do your worst. This gauntlet is certainly directed AT YOU! Now if there ARE any other combatants, err, GREATEST VIDEO EVER (etc, etc) claimers, let's have it. Pipe up.

PS Congratulations to Stephanie and my brother for kicking butt in their NANOWRIMO endeavors to date. I wish you the best. Love to hear more success stories for the rest of us writing schlubs.

And finally a photo op from a sorta recent meeting of the minds. Another chapter in the saga of the Watson Brothers take on the children's book publishing world. Amazing what a few late night beer brainstorms will help you come up with. Ninety percent of which would be unfit for children or any civilized society of any sort. But who's counting. We certainly weren't.

Brother collaboration. 34 years in the making.