Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 09:09 Day

So today in honor of Studly Super Spouse Jarrod's visit on the last comment section and all other awesome spouses of our writing/illustrating community, I have an idea. Let's face it. We just couldn't do it without your encouragement and support. So today on 09/09/09 09:09 day, I'm opening it up to all of you. Tell me about your hunk-a-burning love, your confidant, your best pal. For those not hitched or attached at the hip an any way, tell us about your best pal anyways, whoever they are even if not the romantic kind.

To get us started on this special day, here's something to get us started. Yes I did post a link to the trailer a long time ago, but here's a refresher. Not the best, if you want that I recommend this link here and load the high def trailer. But that's just me. (Dangit just watched the imbedded clip and I think it's cropped a little for some reason. Go to the link for much better preview.)

I'll start.
My best friend also happens to be wife Amy Irene Watson. Well, best if we're excluding our dog, because otherwise they kind of have a co-best friend status with me. Don't worry, the other night Linus and Amy were on the couch (yeah) and I was on the floor (yeah) next to them and she says, "You're the love of my life," in that cute sweet lovey-dovey way. I didn't even have to look to know who she was talking about. After she was done cuddling with Linus, she leaned back on the couch and gave me a "hi, what's up" look. As I gave her my, "you know damn well what look" the lightbulb went on and she gave me a big hug and said, "well, you are too!"

Right. Linus and I know where we stand. Son of a bitch, literally. (this joke never gets old cuz if you don't know and I don't know how you couldn't unless this is your first visit, Linus is our dog-son).

Amy is my live-in writing coach, editor, boss, best pal, encourager, beautiful distraction, task master, gourmet chef, all-pro cuddler, hard ass, muffin ass (it's a Watson thing), goof ass, and resident go-go girl. Amy is a dancing queen and gets fully into it as she dances around the joint. She has a pretty good arsenal of moves too as she grew up as a figure skater. She has some pretty decent Michael Jackson moves. Linus is her dancing partner of choice. They're working on a ball room routine right now.

Amy's a bit on the shy side, though not at all at home or once you get to know her. She is mildly addicted to and The Dog Whisperer. She thinks Bobby Flay, Matt Damon and the Seahawks new tight end, John Carlson are all pretty easy on the eyes. And luckily for me, me too. It's the gap tooth smile, gotta be.

Amy is the best person I've ever known. She's humble and cool and I think we suit each other pretty dang good.

All right now it's your turn. Wanna gush about your stud-muffin or stud-muffin-ette. Now's your chance. Gush away. If you want to include a picture I will post them on the next post. You can email me them at or put them on your own blog and give me a link in the comments section and i'll swipe it.

So gush away. Romantic, interesting, whatever tidbits you want us to know, throw it in. Funny, even better. Happy 9 day everybody. Tell me/us about your lovebug.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So it's not Saturday. It's Sunday. And I'm late. Deep apologies to those in need of their dubbing fix. Jaime. (yes she constitutes my entire dubbing fan base) Sorry Jaime.

This Dubbee comes all the way from the right coast and the land of Sweet Tea and Krispy Kreme (it originated there). Oh Sweet Tea how I miss you so. And Hot Now, what I wouldn't do to be there for you when you are turned on.

I found out about Stephanie Perkins from reading her comments on somebody else's blog (I think Natalie, a ninja star in her own right) and they drew me to her blog, Natural Artifical where I planned just to give it a glance and a peek but was instead "BVVVVVV tractor beam, sucked me right in." She is funny, very nice, passionate about writing and reading but especially about her HBMs. If you're going to get to know Stephanie you're going to have to also put up with all the HOT BRITISH MEN that are hanging all over her.

One more thing I like about Stephanie? She had the whole country to choose from but she decided to pick the best regional SCBWI conference to attend where she had one of those special magical connections happen with two people, Laini Taylor (you'll just have to read about it, really cool connection with these two, one more reason Laini is awesome) and an agent, Kate Schafer Testerman and so on and now is debuting as a writer with a TWO BOOK DEAL with Dutton (Penguin). Her first novel which I am incredibly excited to read is Anna and the Boy Masterpiece which will be released in Fall 2010 (because it just got bumped UP a year, SWEET!) and her second novel, Lola and the Boy Next Door which overlaps the first book but isn't a sequel. There will be kissing.

Stephanie's writing adventure is very inspiring to me and I encourage you to go read it if you want to feel good about getting published. She is refreshingly honest about her writing struggles over the years and gives some excellent thoughts about the process. And she was a librarian. And has a golden retriever (or is it two dogs?) and I think a cat named Mr. Tumnus... (is this true too?)

So to business.

I BJW, admirer of elephant-sized English Mastiffs and Hot Now gooey Krispy Kreme donuts, do with the deep admiration and another case of funny-clever writing envy, with a shared love of good movies and great books, under great illusion of my own importance and garish ramblings and with utter contempt for any suggestions for self-restraint...


The HBM Connoisseur and Writer of Good Words.

You've earned it. You are now The Authority. Your quest for the betterment of children's books and attractive Brits has enriched us all. We here at I, uh, think I killed my muse think that you very well may outshine us all. To say that I--err--we foresee good things in your writing/publishing future is an understatement. And if I was abandoned and stuck in a fully-stocked and cozy coffee shop for years and could only read ONE blog, out of the oh-so-many great ones that I love, I would read yours. I'm certain that I will enjoy your books just as much. Carry on HBM Connoisseur and Writer of Good Words, the future awaits.

Sorry fellas she's taken by this lucky guy. Though if you're really really good looking and a brooding sort and have the right sort of accent, she may be able to fit you in as a live-in imaginary boyfriend but you probably need some fame to boot. How, let's call him "Jarrod," managed to do this maneuver is beyond me. And yes, that is the Wienermobile.

I really like "Jarrod" and I've never even met him. Apparently he's this sort of guy.

And he rocks. Literally.

Another cool thing about Stephanie. She goes to Boston and the only picture she takes are next to Robert Mcloskey's ducks.

If you haven't yet read Stephanie's blog. DO IT! Warning, it is addictive and there's that tractor beam thing too.