Sunday, September 6, 2009


So it's not Saturday. It's Sunday. And I'm late. Deep apologies to those in need of their dubbing fix. Jaime. (yes she constitutes my entire dubbing fan base) Sorry Jaime.

This Dubbee comes all the way from the right coast and the land of Sweet Tea and Krispy Kreme (it originated there). Oh Sweet Tea how I miss you so. And Hot Now, what I wouldn't do to be there for you when you are turned on.

I found out about Stephanie Perkins from reading her comments on somebody else's blog (I think Natalie, a ninja star in her own right) and they drew me to her blog, Natural Artifical where I planned just to give it a glance and a peek but was instead "BVVVVVV tractor beam, sucked me right in." She is funny, very nice, passionate about writing and reading but especially about her HBMs. If you're going to get to know Stephanie you're going to have to also put up with all the HOT BRITISH MEN that are hanging all over her.

One more thing I like about Stephanie? She had the whole country to choose from but she decided to pick the best regional SCBWI conference to attend where she had one of those special magical connections happen with two people, Laini Taylor (you'll just have to read about it, really cool connection with these two, one more reason Laini is awesome) and an agent, Kate Schafer Testerman and so on and now is debuting as a writer with a TWO BOOK DEAL with Dutton (Penguin). Her first novel which I am incredibly excited to read is Anna and the Boy Masterpiece which will be released in Fall 2010 (because it just got bumped UP a year, SWEET!) and her second novel, Lola and the Boy Next Door which overlaps the first book but isn't a sequel. There will be kissing.

Stephanie's writing adventure is very inspiring to me and I encourage you to go read it if you want to feel good about getting published. She is refreshingly honest about her writing struggles over the years and gives some excellent thoughts about the process. And she was a librarian. And has a golden retriever (or is it two dogs?) and I think a cat named Mr. Tumnus... (is this true too?)

So to business.

I BJW, admirer of elephant-sized English Mastiffs and Hot Now gooey Krispy Kreme donuts, do with the deep admiration and another case of funny-clever writing envy, with a shared love of good movies and great books, under great illusion of my own importance and garish ramblings and with utter contempt for any suggestions for self-restraint...


The HBM Connoisseur and Writer of Good Words.

You've earned it. You are now The Authority. Your quest for the betterment of children's books and attractive Brits has enriched us all. We here at I, uh, think I killed my muse think that you very well may outshine us all. To say that I--err--we foresee good things in your writing/publishing future is an understatement. And if I was abandoned and stuck in a fully-stocked and cozy coffee shop for years and could only read ONE blog, out of the oh-so-many great ones that I love, I would read yours. I'm certain that I will enjoy your books just as much. Carry on HBM Connoisseur and Writer of Good Words, the future awaits.

Sorry fellas she's taken by this lucky guy. Though if you're really really good looking and a brooding sort and have the right sort of accent, she may be able to fit you in as a live-in imaginary boyfriend but you probably need some fame to boot. How, let's call him "Jarrod," managed to do this maneuver is beyond me. And yes, that is the Wienermobile.

I really like "Jarrod" and I've never even met him. Apparently he's this sort of guy.

And he rocks. Literally.

Another cool thing about Stephanie. She goes to Boston and the only picture she takes are next to Robert Mcloskey's ducks.

If you haven't yet read Stephanie's blog. DO IT! Warning, it is addictive and there's that tractor beam thing too.


  1. I definitely have to check her blog out! I love her hair color changes! It tells me right away that she's an intersting person.

  2. I'm totally cheating here — I told myself that I would NOT go online today, and yet, here I am.

    WOW. Wow, wow, WOW.

    Thank you! I'm so honored to be dubbed, and to be dubbed something so cool, and by someone as cool as you!!!

    I'll return shortly (when my brain-finger connection return) to give proper thanks.


    (And thank you, Lazy Writer!)

  3. Yes, Steph is one of the coolest people ON THE PLANET. Rightly dubbed, Ben. I'm glad I could be part of you discovering Steph—she deserves to be discovered.

  4. Yes Susan, cool hair, cool blog, cool writer. Things tend to come in three's around here.

    Shigune, nice catch.

    And Stephanie, the lady of the hour, welcome! Good idea to stay off the internet. I need to start implementing some unplugged work days.

    The honor is mine. And it gave me an excuse to skim through some of your older blogs. I'm going to need to go back when I have more time and read much more of your amazing, hilarious writing. And You are very welcome.

    Hey Natalie! Agreed. She does and you do too! I encourage people to go check your awesome blog/writing out too. Thank you!

  5. OK, so I am SO GLAD I read Stephanie's blog. I have been aching with misery over the holes and rickity parts of the novel I am revising, and this just fills me with hope (and increased desire for blue hair--which I REMEMBER from that conference). Yay, Stephanie. Yay, Ben.

  6. Her hair in the Make Way For Ducklings photos would be enough to convince me to follow the blog, but it turns out there are writing skillz involved as well. Awesome!

  7. Smartha you just described in way better detail about how Stephanie inspired me about my novel too. Yay Smartha Dokenfro.

    There are indeed CKHB! You should know cuz, you know you got 'em too. Anybody who doesn't believe me should go read your blog right away. Anybody who does believe me should go read your blog right away.

  8. Okay, Ben! Jaime is not your only dubbing fan base.

    Once again...good dubbin'! Gotta love Steph!

  9. Great name! Love these weekly dubbings and seeing your creativity in action. I just discovered her blog and totally agree with you.

  10. I'm really looking forward to Anna and the Boy Masterpiece next fall. Yeah!

  11. Jolie said what I was going to say--I'm also a fan of your dubbings. I even nominated someone AND YOU LISTENED! So there.

    I'll check out Stephanie's blog--she sounds great (and is adorable).

  12. You caught me Jolie. No she's not at all. Call it false humility or bad humor, or an unhealthy mix of both. I love my blogging/dubbing faithful and bathe in the friendliness of all of you. Since Jamie gave me the dubbing idea months ago, it's been a big hit and I'm always trying to let her know that she's awesome and it was a great idea. But in my own clumsy ben way. You know all about that ben.

    Thanks Vivian and that is so cool that you and many others are checking out Stephanie's blog. The whole point of this to me is to give cool writer/illustrator folk a little attention and a lot of well-earned praise. Your creativity is pretty awesome yourself Vivian.

    Me too Lisa! Good title too. Unique and catchy!

    Caught me Dawn. You sure did! In fact, I'm pretty sure you nominated Cuppa Jolie (great one!). And this fan-ning goes both ways. Big fan of yor'n too. Please do check it out and thank you!

    Thank you everyone so much for coming back again and again to read my muse-less ramblings. I love it and you. The admiration flows BOTH ways, believe me. I can't believe how many talented writers and artists I've gotten to know through all this. Love seeing cool talented people I know meet other cool talented people I know. Makes me feel warm and smiley inside and outside. : ) See.

  13. Well, I'm certainly in very very good company here Sir Ben to be followed up the following week with Stephanie. This lady is the bees knees indeed! Laini and I have gotten to know her online and via e-mail a LOT and even a bit in person (although much less in person than we'd like) and we can add a wholehearted "Ditto!" to every positive thing you said about her. Laini and I "heart" her and her hubby. And I know the Venice proposal got you a look from Amy, but really, the romantic & thoughtful stuff Jarrod does for Stephanie should be taught in the school system. The guy's got chops in the "Good Hubby" dept! So, another "Ditto!" for all of Stephanie's goodness and thanks for spreading the word about her awesomeness to your visitors!

  14. Awesome Ben! I look forward to reading more of Stephanie's blog. To be truthful, though, I have mostly just drooled on the pictures she puts up. The Writing Gods are punishing me for this bad behavior by putting dog hair in my coffee this morning.

  15. I was only messing when I was all full of attitude, but as a dubbing fan, I felt I had to speak up. ;) Stephanie's blog is great. Anyone who appreciates Mr. Darcy and James McAvoy that much is really cool.

  16. Jimbo, I think it is really cool that you guys are good pals. In fact, generally, when I meet someone I think is super cool and really nice and freaking talented, before too long I find out they're good friends or members with/and of your clan (the Rathersting Clan of course). Coincidence, no. You are a cool, nice, talented magnet. Editors should hire you and drive you around the country and hold you out the window. Sure would save them a lot of trouble. Bring the talent to them. This should happen. So should Jarrod and Jimbo teaching husband classes. Count me and my brother in, talk about hanging on by a thread. We're one more fart in bed away from the gutter. (I kid about Jesse or my fragile husband status but not about need for husband "couth-ness") Thanks Jim!

    CocoaJaime! You should worry less about the Writing Gods and more about the Illustrating Devils. They are patting you on the shoulder for ignoring the writing and drooling on pictures. Did I just imply writing is on the good side and illustrators are motivated by devils? How's the dog hair taste? Plenty of protein. I'm not changing any subject. You and Stephanie would dig each other. I'd bet my writing desk on it.

    Your voice is heard Dawn and no worries, I knew you were giving me a good "ribbing". Been waiting to throw that into conversation for a looong time. We try not to take anything real seriously around here. Until we want to be taken seriously. Fickle, I know. I don't know if appreciates is strong enough of a word for Stephanie's yearning, longing, coveting and yes LUSTING for Mr. Darcy and co.

  17. You have excellent taste! If I could only read two blogs, they would be Laini's and Stephanie's.

  18. Picture me with a HUGE DOPEY GRIN on my face.

    Thank you so much everyone, for all of these amazing comments! They've made me so happy!

    Martha — That's so cool you remember me! (Or, at least, my hair.) I'm looking forward to running into you at future conferences and doing that cool talking thing!

    Jimbo — My husband DOES have chops. In the Awesome Hubby department . . . as well as the side of his face. (Two things you and Jarrod have in common, eh?) Thanks for the kind words, and just so ya know, we're eager to raise that in-person talkage!

    Jaime — So THAT'S the reason I have dog hair in my cup. From the drool!

    Myrna — I am totally waiting for YOU to start a blog.

    Sir Ben — (This isn't a demotion from "King Ben," but Jim's "Sir" has such a nice ring to it.) Happy sigh. Have I mentioned lately how cool you are? Thanks for all of the wonderful compliments, again and again.

    And yes! You're right! I have two dogs, a golden retriever and a golden retriever/yellow lab mix. And my sweet-but-evil cat's name IS Mr. Tumnus.

    I've also noticed the Jim/Laini/cool people magnet phenomenon too. There needs to be a way to harness all of that positive energy into powering houses or something. And I'm pretty sure YOU could power all of Canada.

    Tra-la-la! So happy! Thanks again.

  19. Also, hi, how fabulous is it to see Mr. Darcy on your blog?


  20. Awesome Hubby of Stephanie Perkins AKA "Jarrod"September 9, 2009 at 8:46 AM

    Ben, please don't post any more HBM pictures or I will NEVER get my wife off the internet!!!

    You couldn't have dubbed a better writer/wife/person. She does indeed ROCK. As do you. :)

  21. Thank you Myrna, so do you! ;) Welcome.

    Sir Ben, King Ben, you know, it'll be a little hard to go back to being called JUST Ben or what my brother calls me (see unfit for print). We should all have days where we get to be called something extravagant only. It sorta sticks out the chest, lifts the chin. You know? And Steph we need names for said golden/retriever mix (awesome mix) and golden retriever. Otherwise we'll start naming them. Sometimes the dubbing thing takes over and it gets a little out of control and I start naming the check-out person and birds and stuff. And that's one green energy I haven't heard brought to the table in politics yet. Positive green energy. Someone should bring that to the pres' attention.

    It was very hard to put Mr. Darcy on my blog. I fought every natural instinct but because it was you, it had to be done.

    YES! HEY "JARROD" AKA AWESOME HUBBY OF DA' TALENTED STEPHANIE PERKINS! Woohoo. You just made my morning man. Me, you, sweet tea and Krispy Kreme. That's all I'm saying. Someday it's going to happen. Not to throw myself on you or anything. But you seem like the kind of guy that would be awesome to know. Or we can hang out on rocking chairs on the porch at The Cracker Barrel. Basically I'm just throwing a bunch of tourist stuff at you because it's all I got. But I loved N.C. Someday will have to take Amy.

    You and Stephanie definitely sound like you deserve each other. Get ready to give the rest of us schlubs some lessons on the fine art of husbandry. Awesome to have you Jarrod. Hopefully someday I'll get to meet you. Cheers!