Saturday, July 4, 2009

I DUB THEE... (PG-13 post, in canada 14A post eh)

Yes, it is the fourth of July, but it is also Saturday which means...


Not as catchy as the Flight of the Conchords "It's Business Time" but close enough. Just sing "It's dub time" in that soprano voice. Quick story, when Linus was a little puppy (and ever since), we'd take him out in the back yard to do his business. And every time to spur him on I'd sing, "It's business, it's business time." Worked like a charm. Consider it the Flight of the Conchord's response to Pavlov's dumb bell. (was it a bell? I think it was)

So, Today's Dubbing is slightly different than the previous two. Today's Dubee comes all the
way from my living room floor.

Host: Welcome Linus Seamus Watson to our show. What is the big event that is happening for you on Monday?

Linus: I am getting neutered.

Host: How about that? And you must be really excited about so boldly making such a drastic change from "society's norms" yes?

Linus: No. No I'm not.

Host: But surely this is going to free you up to pursue some of your dreams of singing as a soprano? And also this way you'll never have to worry about getting that call, you know from some, ahem, bitch you met at the dog park. You know, the I'm having your puppies call.

Linus: No. I don't answer any phone calls. No thumbs.

Host: Okay, that's about all the time we have now for our brave guest and temporary virile fella, Linus Seamus Watson. Thank you.

Linus: This wasn't my idea.

So for being SUCH a good sport in the face of the unspeakable, this week's dubbing award goes to our pal Linus. And now with all formalities and hocus pocus, I...



Live long and do not propagate.

Linus hiding out after this interview.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Speak softly and carry a big stick

My alter ego

Thanks to Jim de Bartolo for his link to the Superhero Factory.
Not to be outdone, Amy created her own, much more stylish hero.
Emergency Room Nurse by day (ok, nights too dangit, there goes my intro)

THE IMPOSSIBLE WHIPPED LASH by day's off and nights off, after the two on two off, etc, etc, sigh...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So there I am doing my pre-writing routine (pre, during, post) by looking at today's writer's and illustrator's blogs that inspire me. You know, Jimbo Jabber, Kirby's Lane, Grow Wings and Not For Robots, Cocoa Stomp, Cuppa Jolie, Brimstone Soup, Between Fact and Fiction, throw in some Talking Potatoes or their Mom, a little Jane Yolen, Adam Rex's blue whale sightings, JJK, Marla Frazee... You know the usual little children's book writer pick me up. (ok so there's many many more blogs that I love and will gladly gush about again but this is just this morning's list)

Oh yeah, and TOMIE DEPAOLA!

You know Tomie, famous for his huge role in Jarret J. Krosoczka's (JJK) video about creating Monkey Boy. Actually you may have heard of him before that. Like only one of the most beloved illustrators of children's books alive! (And Newberry Winner!) Just look at my favorite books list on my profile and you'll see his "The Clown Of God" on there. I also loved the "Strega Nona" books, "Helga's Dowry, A Troll's Love Story" (absolute genius), "The Prince of the Dolomites," "The Mysterious Giant of Barletta," and many, many more (he's published more than 200!). Oh AND he's one of TWO MASTER CLASS SCBWI DVD speakers. I recently became a follower of his blog and so this morning on my dashboard I see Tomie has a new post with a picture of him, Julie Andrews (yes HER), Meg Cabot (yes her), and Krouse Rosenthal.
So I went and checked out Tomie's Blog again and another post caught my eye. Lo and behold, I see MY name. I rub my eyes and realize I need to get my coffee going pronto and look again. Still there. I actually got a shout out from the Great Tomie dePaola on his post here.

Awesome! Thanks Tomie!

I've had the pleasure of meeting Tomie at least a few times, though I was pretty sure I would be the only one remembering that. He's also been really cool to my brother Jesse too. Check this dream dinner out.

Around twenty years ago or more, my Dad went to a SCBWI conference and had a manuscript critique with none other than... Tomie dePaola. Tomie gave my Dad somebody's card and a year later he got his first contract. Fast forward in time and Tomie has been very kind and encouraging to the next generation of Watson boys.

So it is a pretty cool morning where I get a shout out from one of my favorite boyhood writer/illustrators. What's going to happen this afternoon?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Big Brother Jesse

Please read this post by Jesse Joshua Watson. My brother:

I have the best big brother in the world. That is a fact.

Anyone have a problem with that, we can sort it out one way or another. And this is Jesse's new pic bk, I and I, which I noticed got a starred review from Booklist and is generating a lot of BUZZ.

So what's my problem? My big brother Jesse did a post in his blog about brotherhood. He was incredibly generous and nice about his little brother and jump tester, Ben. That's me.

What I take issue with is how hard he was on himself as my big brother. So I'm going to have to respond with a post of my own. But there's my problem.

I can't possibly describe my big brother Jesse in one measly post. I could probably start a blog only about having a big brother. In fact, I should write a book about him or brothers or
something, and eventually, probably will.

So my solution--after I put some thought into this--is to write at LEAST a one post response and rebuttal to Jesse's incredibly generous and self-deprecating post. And to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

Jesse before we rescued him from his tough life as a leprechaun pimp.

Jesse doing a book signing with The Fonz and Hank Zipzer. Jesse illustrated all the new Hank Zipser edition covers, written by Henry Winkler and THE Lin Oliver.

I repeat I had the best big brother there ever was. And still do. If you disagree then please know that I think you are a ninny, which in my handy online dictionary means a fool, or simpleton.