Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Big Brother Jesse

Please read this post by Jesse Joshua Watson. My brother:

I have the best big brother in the world. That is a fact.

Anyone have a problem with that, we can sort it out one way or another. And this is Jesse's new pic bk, I and I, which I noticed got a starred review from Booklist and is generating a lot of BUZZ.

So what's my problem? My big brother Jesse did a post in his blog about brotherhood. He was incredibly generous and nice about his little brother and jump tester, Ben. That's me.

What I take issue with is how hard he was on himself as my big brother. So I'm going to have to respond with a post of my own. But there's my problem.

I can't possibly describe my big brother Jesse in one measly post. I could probably start a blog only about having a big brother. In fact, I should write a book about him or brothers or
something, and eventually, probably will.

So my solution--after I put some thought into this--is to write at LEAST a one post response and rebuttal to Jesse's incredibly generous and self-deprecating post. And to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!

Jesse before we rescued him from his tough life as a leprechaun pimp.

Jesse doing a book signing with The Fonz and Hank Zipzer. Jesse illustrated all the new Hank Zipser edition covers, written by Henry Winkler and THE Lin Oliver.

I repeat I had the best big brother there ever was. And still do. If you disagree then please know that I think you are a ninny, which in my handy online dictionary means a fool, or simpleton.


  1. My big brothers are also awesome. Aren't we lucky?! And your, that guy can change up his look!

  2. My big brother can beat up your big brothers...

    Just playing. We ARE lucky indeed. I love Jess.

    As for his look, yeah, he's gone through some "plumage" changes, especially when he was little. But he's always remained just my big bro. The Leprechaun pimp look was photoshopped for a SCBWI presentation about how artists need to "pimp" themselves... IE get all the jobs they can and market themselves. No he'd never wear a ZOOT suit like that green one. Only ever purple ones and when he's low on cash.

  3. cool to know you are an author! By the way, I am working on a book too. It's about human programming.

  4. Good for you Jaky, long trip for you all the way from India! Welcome.

  5. Aw, I've always wanted a big brother, and this only makes me want one more. My little brother is pretty cool though.

  6. Your brother looks like a super cool guy. I have fabulous big brothers as well. There's Mother's Day and Father's Day... Why not Brother's Day?!

  7. Great post, Ben! You share the name of my little brother, so you're cool in my book. I've always wanted a big brother--so awesome you and yours have such a great relationship.

  8. Oh, Ben. You had to do it. With... with the F'n. I mean all you have to do is say "Earmuff IT" and you can say....

    And the Leprechaun Pimp photo? You swore you'd never reveal my origins. Now I have to fight you.

  9. A whole family of picture book authors....that is the absolute coolest thing in the world!! You guys are making the literary lives of kids more awesome, one book at a time......


  10. You're my boy blue! That's right Jesse, I've got pictures and I'm not afraid to use them. Actually I plan on doing at least a decently thought out post eventually here, but I need to try to write my little butt off today. Actually if you write a lot, it really flattens it more than anything, with all the sitting. It doesn't actually go away, just flatter.

    Thanks Vivian, I love your brother's name. As for us having a great relationship, I wouldn't say THAT. Just kidding I would, we love each other as hard as we ever fought each other.

    And Dawn he is super cool. I believe they did try a brother's day one year in 1759 in Massachusetts and it didn't go so well. So many fights and duels broke out between all the brothers hanging out that they cancelled it the next day. Congrats on being a PNWA literary finalist. Anybody who hasn't yet should check out all Dawn's been up to. UP and comer indeed!

    And anyone who hasn't read Natalie's blog should go do it. That ninja gal is REALLY funny. And a good writer. Check it out. (click on her name!)

    storyqueen, I dig your name. We all pretty much do write picture books, but my family are really all bloody talented illustrators. They can write too, but I am the black sheep as I only just write. Thank you very much for the compliment. The Watson family are a bunch of hopped-up book addicts and probably not having a tv until I was a little older contributed to that addiction. I blame my parents.

  11. Yeah, Jesse's a pretty cool dude indeed. I can imagine that he's a pretty dang great brother to boot!