Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tree Monster

This is a tree monster. He lives in the backyard.

I think he's pretty cool. And scary. He doesn't think about me at all.


For someone who doesn't care one way or another about you, he does some funny things. Like on a hot day he stretches his shade out for me just a little more.

And he doesn't eat me.

Sometimes I try to write stories in the backyard. I hear him rustling behind me and catch him trying to read over my shoulder. He pretends he was just going to eat me.


I know better.

At night I take Linus to "do his business" in the scary dark. Lots of sounds make us jump. And I say things like, "Who goes there?"


We know a certain tree monster is keeping an eye out for us. And that helps Linus pee.

Then we hurry back inside where there's light and quilts.


Before I do, I say, "Good night tree monster."

And he doesn't say anything at all.


  1. Oh, is that the tree that your rock sailed right over? :)

  2. Yeah, come to think of it, maybe he ATE me muse. Maybe I'm off the hook. Or it's my parents fault. I blame my parents. My Dad always said, "save it for Oprah." Well, I think I will.

    Also, notice the yellow bugger, underneath his nose. I don't have the heart to tell him about it. If he'd even do anything about it.

  3. I love the story. I love this blog. I love Victoria.


  4. If I was still 10, I would probably be living in that tree. Or one very much like it.

  5. I think there is a picture books in there, BJW.....I'd play with it if I were you.....

    Tree Monster!!!


  6. Lol, that's awesome! Fun story. :D

  7. Well Jennie, it's not as cool as an underwater cave the tide's revealed, or Natalie's excellent writing debates and musings on first drafts and process, or storyqueen's version of summer school, "Pigwarts", or BJ Anderson's "Book Trailer Tuesday," but thank you very much!

  8. Ben, I'm with Shelley on this one. You've got a story to work on here.

  9. Love Tree Monster. Want Book.
    This reminds me of the animated film "My Neighbor Totoro" by Hayao Miyazaki. Anybody who hasn't seen it must rectify at once!
    Love Tree Monster. Want Book.

  10. Thanks Amy and Tricia. Though I'm grounded from picture books until I finish my novel. I went and looked at some clips of "My Neighbor Totoro" and the glimpse I saw of the tree looks remarkably similar to this tree monster. I didn't see the whole thing but what a cool animated film. Thank you for sharing it.

    Monica, right back at you. : )

  11. I have tree monsters, too. Millions of birds live in them, including one which sounds like a monkey. And there's an owl, too. We built a patio this weekend right inside a clearing between the monsters...makes the whole place seem friendlier.

  12. A monkey bird? That is really cool Anita! I'd kill for a monkey bird.

    can I vote for a picture posted on your blog of the new patio, with aforementioned tree monsters. I love patios and decks, especially when they tuck in to the land. Houses too. whatever looks like it just belongs. I appreciate that kind of stuff.

  13. I was thinking the same thing as Shelley,Amy, and Tricia. Remember TREE MONSTER when you finish the novel. You can dedicate it to Shelley, Amy, Tricia, and Dawn. Or Dawn, Shelley, Amy, and Tricia... Just kidding, guys. I chimed in fourth so I'll accept the fourth slot. Unless that goes to Monica. :)

  14. Ben, your blog is fantastic and you are hilarious! I see you lurking over at Flashy Fiction so what's up? Why do we not see any of your talent over there??
    Your dog was the real reason I checked out your blog but decided to follow because I can totally relate to your writerly angst.
    C'mon, post at Flashy!

  15. "He pretends he was just going to eat me. But. I know better."

    I love this!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog lately. I haven't read your picture book yet (I'll look for it!), but I used to read your father's story, The Magic Rabbit, during storytime when I was a children's librarian. So cool!

    Also . . . I have a front-yard tree monster. Maybe my tree monster and your tree monster can be friends? They can drink tree monster tea and play tree monster chess.

  16. I like your tree monster. Very cool. I have a cactus monster in the backyard. No shade from him, but he's a pretty fierce protector.

    Straight From Hel

  17. Thanks Dawn, thirty years from now when I get to it, you'll be first, followed by your "crew".

    Why thank you Deb, you have a fantastic site yourself. I have also lurked for a good amount of time at Flashy Fiction, an excellent muse-kicker of a blog and I will force myself to join in the fun eventually. Perhaps just after I return from my Portland trip. Or maybe I'll slip in something grossly inappropriate real quick and write it under my brother's name or Helen Ginger...

    Hi Helen! Welcome. I like him too. Cactus monster's are much tougher than Northwest Tree monsters. They're all prickly. And have tattoos. And curse. Sounds very fierce. But I hear pretty loyal too. Great name for a blog, by the way.