Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching Up

So I've obviously been a little behind. Perhaps some of you have noticed. Perhaps some of you have even started an online petition to get me writing again (ahem, Jaime!). Well all of your kind words is deeply appreciated and also motivating. Wonderful to feel missed.

THE Stephanie Perkins at Natural Artificial has sad a lot of very nice words about me and my book. Stephanie, AKA, The HBM Connoisseur And Writer of Good Words was the last poor soul to get Dubbed. Thank you so much Stephanie. ANYBODY who has or has not yet checked out Stephanie's amazing blog should quit this one and RUN at the speed of DSL over there right now. Wonderful, hilariosity. Thank you Steph. Did I mention that Steph has her first of two novels coming out next year? Already on my Good Reads list (I think, better check).

My pops. Ricardo Jesus Watsonius. Or Richard Jesse Watson did a very nice post about a certain missing blogger son so he put up some of his(my) kid art. Sorry no naked pictures of me in the bath as a baby, but you get the picture. Thanks Dad for reminding me why I write. I appreciate it dad. Thanks pal.

The immortal Effeminator, and high-up member of the Children's Book Cosa Nostra did a very generous and kind post about me. Also known as Jaime, Jaime is starting another really cool looking blog-thing or msn superfan site called Bound, which I haven't completely figured out though did look at it and it is really cool like EVERYTHING Jaime does. Highly encourage you to check out that too. Jaime has a wonderfully hilarious and wicked sense of humor. Enjoy and thank you so much Jaime. By the way, if any of authors are ever doing book signings in Seattle, Jaime's your gal. She has a business helping authors do their book tours, even including muffins. It's called First Edition Media Services and like I mentioned before, Jaime's connected up the yin-yang. I've heard of editors giving Jaime lip before, they had union problems within the week. True story (you know but completely fictionalized).

I'm sure I'm missing some but these will do for now. Really cool guys.

Big News


Hello there blogging pals. Have you missed this mug? I've sure missed you. I'm reading a book right now by Humphrey Carpenter called The Inklings that I borrowed/stole from my dad. How does that relate to missing you?

Well, the Inklings were a group of Oxford professors and other pals, mostly of C.S. Lewis, who got together to read stuff they were writing or to have discussions about all sorts of things. One of these pals was J.R.R. Tolkien and another was Charles Williams amongst a small group of others. They'd read their poetry aloud and Tolkien regularly read from his new hobbit book (not The Hobbit but the sequel of sorts). There was mostly beer, tea or stronger stuff involved and it usually took place in Lewis' Magdalen College rooms or at the "Beer and Baby" pub amongst others.

What I'm getting at is that I've always envied this group of incredibly talented writers that were able to hang out, share things they were working on with each other, and above all, encourage each other as writers. They started off as an informal literary group, and perhaps that was always at the core, but ultimately it was really just a group of sort of like-minded friends all passionate about literature and writing, particularly the idea of mythopoeia, or the making (and power) of myth. "On the other hand there is, the belief shared by Tolkien and Lewis that myth can sometimes convey truth in a way that no abstract argument can achieve: a very important notion behind both men's work, and an idea that was certainly shared in some degree by Williams." (Carpenter, p. 157)

"Blessed are the legend-makers with their ryhme
of things not found within recorded time.
It is not they that have forgot the Night,
or bid us flee to organized delight..." Tolkien from Mythopoeia

Writing is a solitary battle. Sure there is joy and discovery, but it is also hard work and the promise of daunting criticism and rejection. Which is why I've envied the Inklings. And yet, through this funny thing called the internet, I've found (or been found by) my own Inklings. While it may not be JUST as good as getting to see you in person and shoot the breeze, drink good beer and or/coffee (or tea I suppose) and read our stories aloud to each other, it nearly is. And who knows, maybe we can even have a beer night where we toast each other and submit a piece of anything. Who knows. And for those who don't drink, coffee, ginger ale, or tea work fine too. Maybe this will happen soon. Let me know what you think.

BUT, All this is really saying that I have missed you all and am very glad to be back now.

And in HONOR of the occasion of our reunion, I have brought a tasty piece of news with me for you. You didn't think I'd come back empty-handed did you? In fact, I've sort of been waiting to post until I could share this with you.

The long and short news is that Amy is prego. Yep. The bun is in the oven, her eggo is prego. Been hard keeping that secret, though a couple of you might already know. She just had an ultrasound done (for free love ya Canada) and she's about eight and a half to nine weeks (or so) along. Accompanying the two inch (or so) baby, apparently the boob fairy and the nausea fairy have also visited, though the nausea fairy is much less welcome.

Now, I'm not saying I'm suspicious or anything. But I'll just add that our baby better not come out with a tail and golden fur.

We were very surprised and now are very excited. We, especially me, were still getting used to the whole concept until I saw this.

That pretty much did it for me. This is happening. Whew.

And Amy's reaction after she heard I put her uterus on the world wide web?