Friday, October 23, 2009

Catching Up

So I've obviously been a little behind. Perhaps some of you have noticed. Perhaps some of you have even started an online petition to get me writing again (ahem, Jaime!). Well all of your kind words is deeply appreciated and also motivating. Wonderful to feel missed.

THE Stephanie Perkins at Natural Artificial has sad a lot of very nice words about me and my book. Stephanie, AKA, The HBM Connoisseur And Writer of Good Words was the last poor soul to get Dubbed. Thank you so much Stephanie. ANYBODY who has or has not yet checked out Stephanie's amazing blog should quit this one and RUN at the speed of DSL over there right now. Wonderful, hilariosity. Thank you Steph. Did I mention that Steph has her first of two novels coming out next year? Already on my Good Reads list (I think, better check).

My pops. Ricardo Jesus Watsonius. Or Richard Jesse Watson did a very nice post about a certain missing blogger son so he put up some of his(my) kid art. Sorry no naked pictures of me in the bath as a baby, but you get the picture. Thanks Dad for reminding me why I write. I appreciate it dad. Thanks pal.

The immortal Effeminator, and high-up member of the Children's Book Cosa Nostra did a very generous and kind post about me. Also known as Jaime, Jaime is starting another really cool looking blog-thing or msn superfan site called Bound, which I haven't completely figured out though did look at it and it is really cool like EVERYTHING Jaime does. Highly encourage you to check out that too. Jaime has a wonderfully hilarious and wicked sense of humor. Enjoy and thank you so much Jaime. By the way, if any of authors are ever doing book signings in Seattle, Jaime's your gal. She has a business helping authors do their book tours, even including muffins. It's called First Edition Media Services and like I mentioned before, Jaime's connected up the yin-yang. I've heard of editors giving Jaime lip before, they had union problems within the week. True story (you know but completely fictionalized).

I'm sure I'm missing some but these will do for now. Really cool guys.


  1. Yay! Happy dance!

    No more disappearing, mister. I didn't want to look too, uh, stalker-like, but I was about to send the ninjas to find you and drag you back.

    It's really good that didn't happen. They aren't as nice as your dad.

  2. Gosh, I was wondering where you'd been! Missed you, and Linus of course! :)

    Oh, and I only just now caught the big news!!! How exciting!

  3. *happy dance* Ben. Is. Back. Next time at least put a note in bottle and sail it to us before we call out the blog detectives.
    I had to search for your happy news but it was worth it! Congratulations to you and Amy. Another grand adventure ahead.

  4. I know you would Natalie, that's what scared me into posting. And feeling special to get a Natalie happy dance. Wonder what that would look like and what music you'd be hearing when you did it...? Hmm. Important questions in need of an answer.

    Hi Kjersten. Thank you very much. Nice to see ya. And I can see you right now because of the nice picture things next to the comments. Hi Kjersten. *Ben waves*

    Hey-ya Corey. Missed you too but I know who people missed the most between me and Linus-muffin-ass. That's like when Amy comes home from work and says in a real lovey voice, "I missed you soo much." I don't even have to look or ask but I do, "who are you talking to?" "Oh, BOTH of you of course," Amy laughs. Dang dog, ever since your cute golden charm showed up I've been playing second fiddle. LINUS!!! *Ben shakes fist at the dog* And thank you Corey.

    Hi Tricia! Two happy dances in one comment section. Feel like I'm having a baby or something, oh wait. You are an excellent blogging detective to find me. Next time I'll send the bottle out and wipe my scent on the trail so the hounds will find me easier. Another grand adventure for sure. I love adventures. If I ever finish my bloody novel that should be clear. Thank you Tricia. Nice to see you again as well.

    Thanks pals. And if any of you haven't checked out Stephanie's blog yet, or Jaime's, I HIGHLY recommend it.

    Hey isn't it a saturday tomorrow??? Hmm.

  5. I'm looking forward to learning more about you through new posts. Welcome back.

  6. The Talking Potatoes are so looking forward to meeting your tot. They don't understand this whole 40 weeks thing. :-)

  7. hooray, hooray, me bruddah's back in all his genius. The guy can fricken write!

  8. Thanks, dude, and so glad you are back! Does this mean it is okay to call your dad Ricardo?

  9. Welcome back, my friend :)

    I'm happy we reeled you back into Blogville. You were missed.

  10. So good to see you again!

    And congrats on your Big News!

  11. Gosh, I was wondering where you'd been! Missed you, and Linus of course! :)
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