Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Summer Revision Smackdown Progress

So here's my summer revision smackdown progress. Or this might be easier to read: 

It was such a nice day I took my SRS goals outside with me and my writing coach Linus.

Sometimes I like to use a white board to mix things up. 

Oh the stress of that blank page. 

So first I tried to loosen up with some art.

My shadow self-portrait.


I'm a writer, not an artist. Black sheep in my family.

Then I went to work loosey goosey. Great writing session thanks to my Summer Revision Smackdown buddies and that licorice WHERPLASH! It's a great kick in the rump and I think it is really motivating me and helping me get my butt in the chair, wherever that chair may be.

My other inspiration today came from my dad's post about how the journey is the destination ( and also with Kirby's revision tips to go for a walk and then get your butt in the chair (

You know what I realized?

That sometimes I make writing all formal and uptight. But when I chill out a little and customize it to me and my quirks, it becomes fun (God forbid). And when that happens my big butch perfectionist bully shuts up and glares with her arms crossed. But SHUTS UP! Hallelujah. And then my writing relaxes too. 

The journey is the destination. Time to enjoy the journey and the love of writing. My way. 

And so we soaked ourselves with the hose and I put my butt in the chair. And Linus murdered our neighbor's dog's stuffed animals. 


  1. BEN!!!! I love this post. You crack me up. And you really offer great thoughts on the process.

    I'm going make a post at Cuppa Jolie directing other smackdowners here to have read!

    Oh, and that naughty Linus--good thing he's cute, it helps to get away with naughty-fun!

  2. Big, butch perfectionist bully. She visits me, too. Let's take the spark plugs away from her Harley, mkay?

  3. I want to get a white board and sit out in the sun and trace my shadow! fun.

  4. Ben,
    This is great! Chilling out is uber important. In fact, I need to do it more often myself!
    Oh, and your writing coach is adorable.

  5. Great post--love the white board! Jealous of your sunny day.

    Thanks for making me smile. Now get back to work.

  6. After seeing what book Martha has out, I'm terrified to write another word. Let's just say that grammar is not my strongest suit. Or I'm a lazy grammarian (yes I did just check the dictionary and was pleasantly surprised to find out it is a word). On the flip side, I bet you have people lining up in droves to be writing buddies with you.

    "Say Martha, ja mind taking a look-see at my manuscript? Here's some red pens, thanks."

    The above is all me not writing another word. And yes, let's slash her tires and make her hitch hike back so I can get some work done already.

  7. Kjersten you're making us all look bad, you're Harley is next on the list after we take care of the big, butch perfectionist bully ( I kid, we're all real proud of you and please just sprinkle some of that hard-working creative dust this way will ya).

    Vivian, you're a pro. Nearly done, BRAVO and you have an awesome blog where the stylish wallpaper doesn't move as I scroll. Cool.

    Thanks Michele, I gotta warn you about something though. I'm allergic to the word uber, it gives me hives. ; ) I like your blog. Good luck kicking butt everyone and now back to work again. I've been showing mild restraint today until now. And i've been drinking coffee...

  8. Oh, and Jolie, you know I owe you a coffee next time for this. You awesome.

  9. I'm just kidding Michele, I hope that came across. And thank you very much for the compliment. I'll pass it on to Linus. He says thank you.

  10. Cool shadow portrait! And I think I may be in love with Linus!

  11. I hope I have some fun writing today! Great post!

  12. Linus is a big suck so I can safely says he may be in love with you too.

    Thanks Barrie, have fun writing and if you don't, it's all good. Some horrible days where I feel like crap end up being strangely productive.

  13. ben!!!!!!!! i love that you have a blog. now we can keep more caught up in your life. we really miss you. this picture of you and linus is classic. it is truly a classic ben smile. amy is gorgeous and we cant wait to meet her. love you guys.

  14. Thanks Jesse and Susan, that is I'm assuming Susan! Yeah it's the gapped tooth smile. It has always been my secret weapon. I always get excited when people have gap teeth. I like them better. Like Michael Strahan, or on the Seahawks there's Darryl Tapp. We have a secret society and everything. Like the Masons, but with less publicity.

    I miss you guys a lot too and can't wait to see you soon and introduce you to Amy, and maybe even Linus. You guys are wonderful. : )