Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shameless - rated R post

Ok, so southern Vancouver Island has been incredibly hot and muggy. No this is not normal around these parts. Linus and I have been taking turns hogging the fan. I think Linus might think it's his buddy since he keeps licking it.

Here's some photos of his nap. 

Dork. Must be related to me. 

And apparently needs some lessons in modesty because he has NONE. Warning canine full frontal nudity below. Please cover any adolescent dog's eyes nearby.



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, and good luck with the Smackdown!

    My dog is passed out in front of the fan, too.

  2. Hey Ben
    Nice to see you here, and thanks for jumping on my blog!
    My chickens are lying on their sides and panting too. They haven't rolled over onto their backs yet...the dog has retreated underneath the deck. It's hot.

  3. Thanks Lisa, you too!

    Thanks Jen, I commented on your rooster photo. Probably proved I'm insane but it's all good. It amazes me that chickens lie on their sides and pant. I even had chickens when I was little. But they were stupid chickens. Not at all like your enlightened poultry.

  4. That dog is spoiled!