Saturday, June 6, 2009


We've all talked about how difficult writing is. But I can't help but think that if I had a suit like this guy------>

that writing and many other things would suddenly be possible. 

"What's that muse? You don't feel like working today? My Hugo Cabaret ray gun says you will. And like it!" 

This reminds me of something along a similar vein. 

Has anyone else seen the preview for the upcoming movie called 9? There are two coming out, one is 9 (number) and the other is Nine (word). I'm talking about the upcoming movie 9 produced by Tim Burton of Edward Scissorhand's and many others fame. His movies work and don't work for me, but THIS looks to be an epic animated masterpiece directed by Timur Bekmambetov (miracle if I spelled that right). Anyways here's a site where you can download the trailer, and I recommend downloading the HD large trailer (it's worth the wait): 

It comes out on 9/9/09 or to Canadians that would read, 9/9/09.

And last of all for today is a picture of Linus. This is the other day when we were on a walk and were attacked by dementors. 

Don't worry, my elephant patronus warded them off. Unfortunately dogs can't eat chocolate so it took him a little longer to recover. I took my medicine in the form of a king size snickers bar. 

In case you were wondering what Linus hears when dementors are near, well he told me. He said the sound of a day with no walks. I asked him what that sounded like but he wouldn't elaborate, only shuddered.   


  1. I love your blog so much, I may have to blog about it :)

  2. Cool garb. You know bikers have their leathers, tennis players have their little white skirts and shorts. Rock climbers don there rubbery grippy shoes and climby clothes. Bicyclists get all spandexy. I think you're right. Writers should all wear clothes like that guy. Illustrators would have to be a little more flashy...

    Holy cow, I didn't know your patronus was an elephant. I think mine is a lab rat.

  3. I am also a hermit. I will follow you as soon as my computer gets back from its slow boat to China. I'm in for the discussion.

    Molly Blaisdell

  4. OMG, I love that pic for 9. Thanks for sharing. I think deli turkey slices are what dogs need to recover from Dementors.

  5. I know they say dogs can't eat chocolate, but I couldn't tell you how many chunks of chocolate my little rascal has gotten into. She once knocked over a wrapped box of Russell Stovers, tore through the wrapping and ate the whole box.
    A couple Christmases ago, I took her to my parents house and she went under their bed and ripped into a sealed metal tin of Ferrero Roche (sp?). She's never even had a stomachache from it all. I think she's just a bit crazy :)

  6. good patronus ben! mine is a liger.