Monday, June 1, 2009

Licorice whippings

All right, now I'm really in trouble. 

I just signed up for the Summer Revision Smackdown, the brainchild of Jolie Stekly and Holly Cupala. Here's Jolie's blog where you can sign up to be whipped:

Basically somebody whips you with licorice or something until you finish your revision. Maybe I misheard exactly how it works and with my convoluted approach to writing my novel I'm not sure if I'm officially on revision or not. However, I'll take the kick in the butt. (actually I think they send the winner a licorice or it's a virtual licorice thrashing or something like that, should have read the rules a little more carefully)

My goals involve getting up early, going to bed early, not drinking coffee. (ok that last one I'd NEVER agree to) And basically trying to bang out three chapters in June...


Great, now it's in cyberspace (or cyperspace as I just wrote, cyperspace sounds better, no?) so I can never take it back. Well I better get writing then. Too bad blogging doesn't count. 

One of these days I'm gonna get around to writing about the upcoming writer's conference at Reed College in Portland. 

Officially called 

Guest Editor ARTHUR A FREAKING LEVINE is going to  be there... WHAT!
That's right folks. Not to mention Caldecott Honor recipient for 2009 and lifetime most stylish and hip looking artist award winner, Marla Frazee. Not enough for you? How about Benjamin Watson? Ok, you've never heard of him, but I'll bet you heard of Bonny Becker! My pal and writing spurrer-on-er who (with her hubby) used to write for Garrison Keiller, Susan Blackaby, the elegant and funny Ann Whitford Paul, the crazy as a cat Susan Goldman Rubin, the classy Elsa Warnick, and two other faculty members that I haven't met yet but who are easy on the eyes, David Gifaldi and Linda Urbin. AND last but not least, the amazing and scary (to me when she's reviewing my manuscript in front of me, I melt in fear and take ALL her suggestions and run out the door when she releases me, but at all other times is a funny, generous, warm, caring, sweet, and incredibly talented person with an awesome hubby artist whose artwork is hanging in our house as we speak), the great Linda Zuckerman. 

Now everyone but that Benjamin Watson guy are this year's all star faculty.  I kid about Linda being scary (no I don't, she's had a lifetime worth of children's book publishing experience, editing the likes of Trina Schart Hyman and then she's sitting there with that shrewd editor's look and that PEN, READING MY MANUSCRIPT, TERRIFYING, And I haven't even TOUCHED her first page critiques), she is a lot of fun to hang out with and has brought one of the best in-depth children's book experiences I've ever been a part of (twice before). Plus you get to "live" on campus with the faculty and have meals with them and food fights and poker games. (ok we haven't yet gotten the faculty in on food fights or poker YET but) 

This is in no way competes with or replaces SCBWI conferences, rather supplements them. I love going to them both and this Portland conference is kinda like going to a week long SCBWI retreat kinda thing. But slightly different. I've been to numerous Western Washington local SCBWI conferences, and both national (or is it international?) SCBWI annual conferences in LA and NY, and hope to go again soon. 

If this is my teaser what is my post about it gonna look like? Geesh. I need to write some shorter posts. 


  1. Great to have you, B! Just set your goals and work alongside a whole bunch of us - and have a chance at the WHIPLASH AWARD for Smackdown Excellence! Oh, that reminds me, I need to get to my goals for the day...

  2. Hey there...didn't realize you were blogging! So glad you are and so glad you're joining in the smackdown. You so need it. And really, is this not perfect timing with you heading off to the Haystack conference?'re welcome! :)

  3. Thanks and I DO need it. Jolie has been giving me kind prods for a few years now. I need to get this sucker finished badly. Don't know about 5000 words a day (WOW, REALLY?) but I guess like anything the more and better you do it, the better it flows. My writing schedule is my biggest key and challenge.

    I love the children's book writing community. Everybody is incredibly encouraging and cheers each other's successes big and small instead of being self focused. For a hermit at heart, all the excellent children's book writing and illustrating blogs out there can really help not feel like you're battling the same challenges alone.

    Thanks again.

  4. if you get really frustrated, i find a dose of Linkin Park's "Bleed It Out" does the trick! Rock on, :DL (p.s. the lyrics are NOT about cutting, they are about writing!! i'm convinced!!)

  5. and yes, we'll be in town when you are, if you get hankerin' for a homecooked meal, um, well, if you want to hit a restaurant, then yah, we'll take you out!! :DL

  6. Sounds awesome Donna but no pressure. I'll call you as soon as I get my act together to sort it out. Wait, who knows when that'll ever be, I'll try to call in the next week or two (better make that three). cool!