Saturday, June 27, 2009


So it is Saturday again already (somehow, whew). And around here that means Dub Day.

Petitions have been flying around here like monkeys this week. If we were in the Wizard of Oz that is, and if by petitions flying around I meant one petition was suggested on another blog in passing by none other than The Effeminator.

Not letting either of these minor details slow me down, I have waded through the waist-high Dub Day requests, threats, and bribes and come out with a proclamation.

I, the mostly honorable, sometimes charming, always argumentative, Benjamin James Watson, do hereby bestow on thee Holly Cupala, propagator of young adult fiction, key cog in the readergirlz diva machine, author of soon-to-be-released debut YA hit Novel Tell Me A Secret, and who with her dashing hubby just took New York City by storm with their fashion and verve, a binding literary title. With great flourish and sacred oaths,



Consider this your ball as we, your early fans, present you to society. You are officially... ON YOUR WAY! We expect to see you gracing the covers of all children's book fashion and bestseller lists forthwith. Adieu and bon chance.

And to all those sending your requests, petitions, suggestions, threats, and especially bribes...
Please keep sending them. (this means you Effeminator and anyone else in need of a good dubbing)


  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWW! That is so incredibly sweet, Ben! I am quite overcome. It has been quite an honor to get to know you a little over this last month. I anticipate great things from you, too!

  2. Hey Ben,

    Were you at the WW SCBWI Conference in May?

    Your book looks hi-larious!

    AND you live in Victoria?

    How lucky are you???

  3. The honor is mine Holly. Am delighted to follow your writing, both blogs and books, especially books.

    Hi Jennie. I was not at the last WW SCBWI conference in May but was at the last one ( i'm pretty sure). have been to a number of them but missed this year's reluctantly. I do live in Victoria. You're lucky too! Ashland is beautiful as well. I've been through there many, many times. Southern Oregon is so unique and beautiful. Cheers!

  4. Oh and thank you very much for the compliment Jennie.

  5. Hi Ben,

    I'm working on different dubbing petitions! Great job on Holly's -- I think you might be the Masculator – "Ink Slinger" is such a manly way to say 'author.' :)

  6. Yes, I am the yang to your yin, the joker to your batman, the testosterone to your estrogen, and so we dance throughout eternity.

    Can you imagine an Effeminator without a Masculator? Haven't you heard about my butch perfectionist?

    I am the fart at your tea party, the tick on your unicorn. So it was, so it shall always be.

    You trip along, I plod. You twirl, I hurl. It was always thus, and thus it will always be.

    I am the burp after your Perrier, the yellow in your snow. So it was foretold, so the prognostication has come true.

    And thus the Masculator beats his chest and bellows, "I am HE!"

    And to this sacred chant, the Effeminator rolls her eyes and only says, "Hee hee."

  7. Too great! I think Jaime and Holly should both have buttons made.

  8. Or block me from their posts for excessive blogging, either way.

    The dubber has you in his sites eventually Jolie. It's just so freaking hard to beat Cuppa Jolie. what a brilliant name for a blog. I love your blog. even before the smackdown. Bravo

  9. Oh my gosh, Ben, you are hilarious! (LOVE the blog header... a rock hitting your muse... ahaha!)

  10. Thanks Shari! Good to know you're in the VICINITY! Cool.