Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 09:09 Day

So today in honor of Studly Super Spouse Jarrod's visit on the last comment section and all other awesome spouses of our writing/illustrating community, I have an idea. Let's face it. We just couldn't do it without your encouragement and support. So today on 09/09/09 09:09 day, I'm opening it up to all of you. Tell me about your hunk-a-burning love, your confidant, your best pal. For those not hitched or attached at the hip an any way, tell us about your best pal anyways, whoever they are even if not the romantic kind.

To get us started on this special day, here's something to get us started. Yes I did post a link to the trailer a long time ago, but here's a refresher. Not the best, if you want that I recommend this link here and load the high def trailer. But that's just me. (Dangit just watched the imbedded clip and I think it's cropped a little for some reason. Go to the link for much better preview.)

I'll start.
My best friend also happens to be wife Amy Irene Watson. Well, best if we're excluding our dog, because otherwise they kind of have a co-best friend status with me. Don't worry, the other night Linus and Amy were on the couch (yeah) and I was on the floor (yeah) next to them and she says, "You're the love of my life," in that cute sweet lovey-dovey way. I didn't even have to look to know who she was talking about. After she was done cuddling with Linus, she leaned back on the couch and gave me a "hi, what's up" look. As I gave her my, "you know damn well what look" the lightbulb went on and she gave me a big hug and said, "well, you are too!"

Right. Linus and I know where we stand. Son of a bitch, literally. (this joke never gets old cuz if you don't know and I don't know how you couldn't unless this is your first visit, Linus is our dog-son).

Amy is my live-in writing coach, editor, boss, best pal, encourager, beautiful distraction, task master, gourmet chef, all-pro cuddler, hard ass, muffin ass (it's a Watson thing), goof ass, and resident go-go girl. Amy is a dancing queen and gets fully into it as she dances around the joint. She has a pretty good arsenal of moves too as she grew up as a figure skater. She has some pretty decent Michael Jackson moves. Linus is her dancing partner of choice. They're working on a ball room routine right now.

Amy's a bit on the shy side, though not at all at home or once you get to know her. She is mildly addicted to and The Dog Whisperer. She thinks Bobby Flay, Matt Damon and the Seahawks new tight end, John Carlson are all pretty easy on the eyes. And luckily for me, me too. It's the gap tooth smile, gotta be.

Amy is the best person I've ever known. She's humble and cool and I think we suit each other pretty dang good.

All right now it's your turn. Wanna gush about your stud-muffin or stud-muffin-ette. Now's your chance. Gush away. If you want to include a picture I will post them on the next post. You can email me them at or put them on your own blog and give me a link in the comments section and i'll swipe it.

So gush away. Romantic, interesting, whatever tidbits you want us to know, throw it in. Funny, even better. Happy 9 day everybody. Tell me/us about your lovebug.


  1. A haiku in honor of Adam:

    Glad I overlooked
    the mullet; his hair's short now
    and our marriage, long.

    Seriously. I couldn't ask for a better friend or a better partner. I've never had an unhappy hour in his company.

  2. My husband rocks!

    He made my writer's room.

  3. Okay...first, Ben! Amy and I must get to know each other. First, because I'm certain she's cool and we'd get along and I love your whole fam (saw your mom and dad last night, yes I did!). Second, OMG...first I have a Ben in book 1 (although not the love know) and in book 2 I have a gap-toothed boy, yes I do. I'm just realizing. Sheesh! Well, if anything, I know that Amy will fall for him. Does she like cowboys?

    Now, onto the task at hand. I love this idea, Ben! Thank you for the chance to share a few words about Derek (okay more than a few). He is my high school sweatheart. I love him more today than I have ever in my life (that's hard to beleive possible). We have now been together half of our lives (unbelievable). I think he believes in me more than I believe in myself. And he supports me 100 percent. Oh, and he's the greatest dad I could have ask for for me girls!

  4. My husband puts up with a dirty house, no clean clothes, and a meager dinner so I can spend hours writing. I think that makes him pretty great, don't you?

  5. Jason draws pictures for me.
    Jason draws pictures of me.
    Like you and your dad, I've posed in special clothes for Jason's art projects.
    Unlike you and your dad (I hope), we like to kiss and sleep together after all the work is done.

  6. Aw. You guys are adorable.

    My fiance:
    He waited a month when first asking to date me because another guy asked me on the same weekend.
    After that month when I had decided to date neither of them, he waited a year before our first actual date.
    After that, he's waited two years to get engaged, and we are now waiting another year to get married.
    That's four years to wait for his first kiss! He's pretty awesome.
    He gives me gifts all the time, like a digital camera, a sleek second keyboard for my Mac, a new hard drive, sweet speakers, a ginormous monitor, and free computer support. Obviously he's into technology.
    He calls me ******************************* (did you really think I was going to blush on the internet for giving away our secret pet names? Just trust me. They're adorable.)
    His hugs are the best thing in the world because I'm small and he's strong and I feel entirely and utterly safe in them. He's the kind of guy who will hug and hold me for hours just because I had a bad day.
    He's made me jewelry, a notebook, woven and died scarves for me, and even made the material I used for a skirt. He bought me a gorgeous engagement ring that suits me perfectly.
    He proposed on a peak with eagles soaring overhead.
    He writes me love letters.
    He helped me level my World of Warcraft character to level 60 and made sure we had matching Tigers to ride as mounts around in the game.
    He sneakily renamed my hard drive "I Love You" without me knowing it.
    He helped me buy a car.
    He found the perfect Kayak for me.

    And probably the thing that makes me smile the most is he asked me to send him links to all the blogs I read about publishing and writing so when the time comes for me to seek publication, he'll be able to track with me and help.

    What a wonderful man! I could go on. I really want to. But I think at this point it's best to go contemplate him to myself. :D

    Thanks for the opportunity to gush. More gushing to resume after posting this comment. My keyboard is full of gush...hmmm, I wonder if that's a problem?

  7. A very girly note to Amy: OHMYGOSH, ILOVEYOURCOAT.

    Sir Ben: What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing Amy with us. It always makes me happy to see such cool people in love :) I pretty much talk about Jarrod all the time anyway, so I'll just add that he was the first person I ever met whose favorite color was orange. (I have since met two more, but generally it's looow on most people's "favorite" list.) Anyway. There was just something about that. ORANGE. He liked ORANGE best. He was clearly not the average man!

  8. Studly Super Spouse JarrodSeptember 10, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    I think I kinda have a thing for the person that commented before me. I hear she's hot. But I could be swayed... as you're looking mighty nice yourself, Ben. Maybe if you woo me with a bouquet of Krispy Kremes...

  9. Amy is like Jesus, Muhammad Ali and Mother Theresa all wrapped into one person. (we scored, bro. neither of us deserve the amazing, beautiful, perfect women we married and all I can say is......SWEET! Good job, broseph! Way to land the catch of the day. :) )

  10. You guys look so sweet together!

    Jim is awesome. Amazingly supportive, kind, and fun. In addition to being great with the kids and a computer genius (so I have my own technical support hot line), history and math come easy to him so we can divide and conquer when it comes to helping kids with homework. Like you, I do have to compete with the dogs, but it's a small price. ;)

  11. Super sweet post! Way to give a shout-out to love.

    I met my favorite firefighter when we were 8. Him: rushing from swimteam to basketball camp as fast as his gangly little legs could carry him. Me: standing there in my french-cut bathing suit, staring at the wet spots he left behind.

  12. Great post, and I really dig Martha's haiku.
    I can't imagine a sweeter, more supportive husband than Sam. We're a great pair. He's very, very mellow- which is great for wound-up me. He's got oodles of scruples (in the best way, not an annoying way), so he keeps me honest. When we met, he was anti-dogs (I know). But now, we have two smelly mutts he's crazy about- so that just shows how he's a)open minded, and b) bendable. He's an awesome dad, and he makes me laugh. Did I mention the English accent? And I don't know if it's the culture clash or what, but he thinks I'm cool.
    He's a keeper!

    My verification word is Bacopa!

  13. It is so lovely to see such wonderful couples whom I know (er may i say so?) i.e. you & Amy and Steph & Jarrod giving all their love and support to each others. Eventhough I have been in a relationship with myself forever, it's always a pleasure to witness my friends being happy with their loved ones.

    My way of showing affection to my best pals is probably kinda different with yours. Here's one of the them:

    p.s. I'm sorry if there is too much profanity on my post.

  14. My husband supports my writing by paying the bills and taking care of the kids when I ask him to. If that doesn't sound romantic to you, then you don't have a huge ass mortgage and four kids. Also, Husband takes the cat to the vet, which involves obtaining a poo sample. That I don't have to do this totally turns me on. :)

  15. What a cool post!
    Mine would be my amazing hubby, Jeff ... truly the definition of a soulmate for me!

  16. All in favour of Ben announcing his return to the land of the living and rejoining the blogosphere say "I".


  17. I. where are you Ben? did you forget yer password? :DL

  18. Come back, Ben! Hope all is well.

  19. Hey Amy, Where's your post about your wonderful husband, Ben?

    I am married to the best guy in the world, who just happend to be your wife, Amy's Dad.
    He is a great husband, father, brother and friend. He happens to be my soul mate of 28 years.
    I still get goose bumps when I see him.
    He is sensitive, romantic and a hunk. I too like Bobby Flay, but I would take Don Clark ver him any day!!!
    He brings me flowers for no reason, lets me have anything I want, he is caring and compassionate. He is a hard worker and a great putterer. He plays a mean guitar and knows how to vacuum and do laundry!!! He encourages me buy fabric and loves all the quilts I make. He loves dogs and our children. He has a cute muffin ass and soft lips!!! I just love everything about him!! Enough said...

  20. Miss your posts, Ben. Hope all is well.

  21. Seriously. I couldn't ask for a better friend or a better partner. I've never had an unhappy hour in his compa
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