Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello long-suffering faithful followers. All right. Maybe no one's been suffering from me not posting since... err LAST Saturday! But I've missed you. I'm neck-deep in a deadline (and sinking!) but will try real hard to appease the masses (read myself).

I'll be back later for a decent dubbing but for now I've got some goodies to share.

First, you know Jim. You met last week at the public dubbing. Well he and Laini's Lip's Touch Three Times now have a book trailer. Enjoy. (let's hope this works)

Here's the coolest bike video I've ever seen. So stinking cool. I hope this works.

That's not a dog. THIS is a dog. - C. Dundee

I've always loved elephants. I blame Babar.


  1. Holy cow, that dog!!! He's more like a horse. Or a grizzly bear!

  2. Hope your Labor Day holiday is full of bikes and big animals...or whatever floats your boat. :)

  3. That cyclist dude is seriously good and seriously mental! I hope my children never want to do what he does but I have to admit I am in awe. I mean, how many thousands of hours must he have practiced, how many bones has he broken, and what kind of demented mind would think up some of those routines? And does his mother know!!!?????

    I am strangely optimistic after watching this. Pain, ridicule, arrests, perseverance, ridiculous hopes, belief, and exhilaration.

  4. My whole family just watched that bike video. It's freaking awesome. My girls liked the dog and elephant too.

  5. Is that the "circus" train that's in our area? And is that dog part of the circus...holy dog!

    Okay, I don't mean to rub it in (well, maybe a little...)but I'm on the third touch! I know, that was mean.

    And you may have to email me off blogger and tell me of this latest deadline, hmmm?

  6. I love the trailer (especially the eye). And, yes, that is a DOG!

  7. I know BJ, I want one!

    Thank you Angie, BOTH float my boat.

    Yeah Yat-Yee, It had my brain spinning too thinking about how one builds up to that insane but brilliant level of expression and skill. I was real impressed not just by his amazing skill and risks, but how creative he was. It's like biking parcour or l'art du deplacement (with one of those accents over the e, sorry can't do it, even though Martha B has a cheatsheet on the WWA SCBWI page).

    Hey Adam, COOL! So did mine, well Amy, Linus and I. Over and over. Your girls have good taste! Do they ever get to see the working or other elephants over near you guys?

    Heyya Cuppa! I WISH! Seriously that English Mastiff IS nearly big as a horse. I want one. And Yeah you stinker, I can't believe you're getting first dibs on reading that book. Sounds incredibly unique and powerful. I want one of those too. Will be getting one soon! And yeah I'll email you with the "5 feet high and rising" flood (thanks Johnny Cash, miss ya), err deadline progress. But I'll bet you can imagine I'm mildly frantic. ;) You keep me posted on your stuff too!

    Hi-ya Susan. Me too! And indeed. : )

  8. Been outta town and come back to a big smile. Thx. The videos and fotos are all super, but I gotta ask: How many bikes does that dude burn through?

  9. Ben, we go to the elephant camp sometimes when we have visitors. I think the younger kids still like it, but for the rest of us it's like, if you've seen it once... :-)

  10. Smiling right back at you Tricia from your generous nice-ness. Is niceness a word? I don't know, but because of you it should be. I was wondering the same thing and think he must have a pretty tricked out bike with supershocks and maybe even a crazy gear thing where he can pedal backwards. I don't know. Also he has this teenie-eenie seat that's just above the frame. I'll bet there's some big bucks in that bike. And I bet he goes through bikes like I do Pots of coffee. Speaking of... I think I need to pee.

    I hear you Adam. How do you guys get around there? Do you have a car? Taxis? Mopeds? We took those truck taxi-things and rented mopeds. That was an adventure in itself just staying alive in the traffic. Completely different road rules. That is, if there were any. Seems like the boldest or most stubborn had the right of way.

  11. I loved Chiang Mai though. It was wonderful for a lot of reasons.

  12. We have a truck and a motorbike. There are traffic laws, but "they're more what you'd call guidelines than actual rules." On a motorbike, in particular, it's more about understanding how the Thais think of them :-)

  13. That is indeed a dog. I've only seen two dogs in real life that could compete... there's some big beast of a shaggy black dog in the area, and when he plays with the other big dogs, I swear the earth moves. It's like a bear is hanging out playing with the golden retrievers or something...

  14. And my 2-year-old and I just watched the bike video together, both saying WOOOO!!!!!! the whole time.

  15. oh, i wish my dogs and that massive mastiff could hang out.

    and i have picture of a llama in a cab on a busy new york city street. it's almost as good as the elephant stepping off the train. what happened? couldn't afford to fly?

    and the bike tricks. awesome. i was a bike messenger and a lot of the guys i worked with did tricks. the only tricks i ever did were entirely accidental, like flipping over the parking meter! and the song? band of horses is my favorite!

    thanks for the rocking post!

  16. Yeah Carrie, someday I want one! "when he plays... I swear the earth moves." See what i mean about your awesome writing chops? You're good.
    I'd love to meet that dog. Linus has a strange draw to the biggest dogs and loves to play with them. He has a number of Great Dane pals. They're all really cool too.

    You and your two-year old sound like my kind of people.

    Hey Karen! THAT WOULD BE A SIGHT! That llama sounds like a pic bk to me! And yes, unfortunately elephants and llamas due to the current economic pressures are resorting to many alternative means of transportation. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE A BIKE MESSENGER! How cool is that? That reminds me of that Kevin Bacon movie, Quicksilver (I'm pretty sure that was the name). I think you should tell us all more about your bike messenger adventures. You must have been in amazing shape. I'd poop out in no time if I tried that now.