Friday, June 12, 2009

a few Inspiring/interesting blogs and posts

Neat car whoever you are in the Tim Horton's parking lot.

This post is from Corey's blog at Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Richard Peck said, "I am a writer because of two boys on a raft."
Which got me thinking...
I am a writer because a little girl discovers the key to a locked garden.
Why are you a writer?
Check it out. Bunch of good answers. Other interesting and funny posts too, especially about her old "flame" writing a memoir on his love life.

Here's a good post from a talented illustrator Paul Schmid. It's in response to Betsy Bird's top 100 writers with 10 of his top illustrator's starting with my favorite, NC Wyeth. I should have put NC Wyeth as one of the reasons I became a writer. His illustrated classics are stunning: Treasure Island, the White Company, Robin Hood, Deerslayer and The Last of the Mohicans, Kidnapped and David Balfour and so on. He is certainly my very favorite illustrator.

If anybody hasn't already joined the Summer Revision Smackdown cult, you're missing out. Check that out at either Cuppa Jolie or Brimstone Soup. Cool, cool group of writers and illustrators trying to encourage each other with revisions (and other goals).

This is from a writer all the way in Glasgow, UK entitled Writers and Rejection. His blog is The Truth About Lies where his posts I've read are as well written as any book (nearly as long too). I was impressed what he wrote about rejection. That is something all of us who submit anything for publication are going to have to deal with. And it sucks. But only because we make it suck. I can't begin to summarize his eloquent post so go read it yourself.

Okay, last for now is another Watson, though not related (that I know of). Here's SC Watson's website. A moody talented illustrator influenced by the likes of Brian Froud, James Gurney, Sean Tan's Arrival (big fan myself), and Frank Frazzeta. This is his blog.

And my random dashboard picture. They don't make
dashboard's like this anymore.


  1. I love Corey's blog too. And to think, she was reluctant to even start the thing! And I'm not ashamed of taking full credit for bugging her until she relented!

  2. Like the blog very much. Glad you found me!

  3. Hey Ben,

    Just wanted to say that I agree with you: that car is sweet!

    Just saw the plug! (funny the car caught my interest first) Thanks much! ok - back to lurking in the shadows!

    All the best,

  4. Sorry to not respond for so long, i've been out of town without internet but am back home now. Hello Dave, the pleasure is mine, in reading your poetry and blog that is. SC, great hearing from you. Enjoy the shadows, I'm sure you'll find some great characters for your next character there.

    Howdy Corey, you're very welcome. And thank you for the new title of your favorite person. Nowhere to go but down now! Hello Rebecca, I agree that she has a great blog and you deserve all the credit. : )