Saturday, June 20, 2009


In honor of brilliant illustrator and etsy shop queen Jamie T's suggestion that I have a weekly dubbing on my blog, I proclaim Saturday, Dub Day.

And on this first Dubbing Saturday, for softening a certain gamma ray poisoned green hunk's hunkiness,

I dub thee, Jamie T, aka CocoaStomp:

The Effeminator.

Live long and illustrate.

And here of course is The Effeminator's response: I ask you, is there nothing sacred? Surely she wouldn't effeminate a manly pink box of Raspberry Ginger cereal called Peace. She wouldn't. She couldn't.

Yep, she did. And check out her video. Obviously, I am dealing with a more clever mind than my


  1. Looking forward to Dub Days! Fun!

  2. HEE HAW! Oh, Ben. I'm so honored. I'm effeminating a box of cereal as we speak. I'll send you a photo.
    Thank you, kind sir.

  3. Love the dub days idea, Ben! Looking forward to them.

  4. Thanks y'all. If I forget that I have an official dub day just smack me upside the head with something solid and I'll get right on it.

    Jamie, err, the Effeminator, is way too clever and funny for me. It feels like in those dreams where somebody really fast (see her) is chasing or racing me and my feet are stuck to the ground or I have to wade through it like chunky oatmeal.

    Welcome Anita, enjoy your blog.

    Corey, Vivian and Kjersten, are you guys ready for the smackdown to end or what? I'm going to a conference in July in Portland, so I think I'll be raring to go again after that. Or rolling around sucking my thumb in the closet after my critique.

    I'm down for a July smackdown, or the next gen model of it. What could it be called? We already did the Licorice Whip Summer Revision Smackdown, maybe something more hefty like the July sledgehammer bash rewrite or the july bullwhip blues or something. Those would really keep us on our goals. Maybe july electric fence therapy writer accountability or something. Yes, I am a boy.

  5. BEN! So glad to find you on the worldwide web. Love the blog, love the dog, especially love the wife! You look happy and healthy.

  6. Thanks Donna! I especially love the wife too. Though the dog is right up there. : )

    Miss you guys but hope to be heading down there eventually ( sooner than later I hope).

  7. Hey, thanks for following my blog. I think i love yours already, and all i read was the dub day one. Looking forward to reading more.

    (how'd you find me, anyway?)

  8. Long Beach Dub Allstars.
    Hey, this Jamie you speak of.... she doesn't by any chance discuss plane crashes from LOST right before you get on one does she? :)