Friday, August 21, 2009

Kirby's girl/boy book panel

Kirby Larson, the incredible northwest author of the Newberry Honor book Hattie Big Sky, has asked me to join a blog panel "discussion" about the boy book/girl book issue.

Other panel members are librarians Jerene Battisti and Nancy Pearl (yeah) and writers Erin Blakemore, Dave Patneaude, Rodman Philbrick, Jon Sciezka, Joni Sensel (WWA SCBWI!), Terry Trueman, and Tyler Larson (NYU film school grad, associate producer at HBO and Kirby's son!).

And me. Talk about out of my league! Whew. There's some pretty talented folks including the Ambassador of Young People's Literature himself, not to mention founder of Guys Read.

Quite an honor to be included in this discussion which should be posted on Kirby's blog in the next week or so. I will certainly link to it when it arrives, but stay tuned.


  1. Wow, Ben! How fun! Congrats. And, yeah...totally out of your league! JK! Your not out of that league, you're joining it. That's right. That's what I said. :)Joining it. Now, how's that book coming along?

  2. If I ever join that league, it will be well after you do Cuppa J. I've got my work cut out for me.

  3. Man, oh, man. You totally rock, Ben! Nice to know your talent is recognized. You better link to it--I'll be watching!

  4. I, uh, think I nominated you for an award. I'm not so good with the rules and such, so I put your name on my blog and said you could claim if you choose or not or make up your own rules. Anyway, I love your blog and you qualify as Humane, so check it out. I'm sure the Blog Police will be after me for my flaunting of rules.

  5. I've found that we often place ourselves in a league far below where we should be. Congratulations and have fun with this!

  6. WOW, congratulations!! That's amazing! (And so completely deserved.)

  7. Update: A little bird named Kirby mentioned Wednesday as the first of a series of posts with the panel. Really cool.

    Hey Vivian, not as much as you. I killed my muse remember! You are the hip writer mama. Never forget! I don't think it's my talent, I think Kirby knows I'm stubborn and opinionated. Must have talked to Amy. I am pretty excited to be in the same discussion with this crew. It's like challenging Mister Phelps to a swim-off.

    Thank you so much Tricia! I am so behind on the award thing, I'm very concerned I'm going to blow thanking you awesome people. I swear, I get a little behind and the wheels fall off. I need an assistant who works for the love of assisting (see free). Flaunt away at rules too, I'll give you a new award just for flaunting them. Rule Flaunter. Congrats. You earned it!

    Yeah Angie, lots of fun until I stick my foot in my mouth. Then I'll need one of your funny jokes to bail me out and distract people. Get one ready.

    Hi-ya Dawn! Pretty stinking sweet. Particularly because the people involved in this discussion (besides moi) have some pretty expert opinions on this subject. As most (all?) of us are, I'm a pretty big fan of getting young people to read, whether girls (readergirlz) or boys (Guys Read).

    Hey Shane, thank you. I LOVE your new sketches. Speaking of big leagues, you are on your way. Can't wait to see where your art/hard work takes you. You make a good point. Maybe it's to protect ourselves from rejection or something. I don't know exactly, but you're right.

    Wow yourself Stephanie. If I was only able to read ONE SINGLE BLOG and THAT'S IT, it would be yours. And there's some great dang blogs out there. But you are at the very top of my list. I'm already jones-in' for your book(s). I fully expect to deeply enjoy them and I've only ever read your blog and comments. But I don't have a single doubt that I'll love them and laugh and pretend not to like the kissing bits. But hold off on the "deserved" until you read what I say. I may completely alienate every person in one fell swoop. It is a sorta touchy subject and I'm kinda large to tiptoe gracefully. ;)