Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hey kid you want a free book? How about a gender discussion?

I wanted to give everyone who enjoys free books a heads up. Kirby Larson is starting her panel on boy/girl books tomorrow around noon. I think she's going to post a portion of the discussion each day. To sweeten the pot, Kirby is also offering a copy of her Newbery Honor book, Hattie Big Sky, to the first person to comment on each post.

My very own signed first edition, to me! : )

Kirby, the book giver-outer and all star blog panel creator.

And some shameless Linus pics at the dog park.

He met Chester who he quickly became pals with. You can barely tell them apart.

Linus is in the back and usually has a ball (and blue collar).

I love dogs.


  1. Dogs and free books! Wheee!!!

  2. I love dog parks!
    All that unrestrained joy makes me happy. We have a yellow lab mix that always has a twin at the dog park. Keeps me on my toes. If you tire of Linus when he loses his puppy exuberance, just send him down, k? ;) He's a cutie.

    And Kirby's awesome, too, of course! Can't wait for the gender discussion!

  3. They look like they're having so much fun! And thanks for the heads up on the free books. Always an awesome deal.

  4. Technically, it should be a "sex" discussion we're having. Gender only applies when there's a neuter involved. (Insert your own Pat joke here!)

    But you know, talking about sex is so blush-making.

  5. CKHB, someday (here I go with one of my infamous promises) I am going to share how cool and interesting you and your blog are with the people I know. I highly recommend people check out what you're up to over there.

    Hi-ya Kim! Not hi-YA, like a karate chop, but the other, less violent more cute and folksy hi-ya, like you-betcha. I love dog parks too. I've been taking pictures of the one here a lot and someday I'm doing a big huge dog park post. Get to meet such diverse and cool dogs and their two-leggers there. As for sending you Linus, what was your address again? Wonder how much extra rush delivery is... And I loved the discussion. Really impressed when I saw the other responses.

    Hey BJ, how was your unplugging? I think that is an excellent idea. You are my writer/social networking hero. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance stuff. You are amazing.

    Hi Martha, my original title was, Hey kid wanna free book, how about a discussion about "sex"? But that would probably have put me on some kind of list or just straight in jail. Also, you are way more brave than me. I don't think you've ever met a subject you wouldn't broach and give a well-punctuated and articulated argument for or against.

    Pregnant women? You deserve a medal! I saw some of the responses in the Woman's Journal thing. I considered sticking up for you and making some smart ass comments but thought better of it. Pregnant women have been known to kill a man and then finish their breakfast. Some of the vitriol in those comments made me think you hit a nerve with some of them. I loved how they told you how pregnancy feels for a woman and stuff. Like you weren't one yourself. Now you know.

  6. Love dogs too. Congrats on the autographed copy.

  7. I'll only take Linus POST-puppyhood. He's darling, but I have a puppy-bias. Bring me the mellowed and trained, I say.
    Unless you want to swap for a grouchy old cat and a gerbil...

  8. Awww. I wish I had a dog. For now I have to settle for a bunny who is very precious. Found him in the driveway yesterday though. Little escape artist.

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  10. I'm late for the chance to win, but I'll check out her post.

    The dogs look so happy! Must've been a good time.

  11. The panel discussions over at Kirby Larson's are super interesting. Definitely thought provoking. Great job over there, Ben.

    Linus looks dashing, as always. ;)

  12. Hey Ben, I won a book! Loved the discussion over at Kirby's place. You did great. Thanks!