Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Talking Potatoes

I'm pretty dang excited. The Talking Potatoes just reviewed our book, The Boy Who Went Ape. I don't care, call me a sucker. But I was more excited about this than maybe anything else that's happened as a result of getting published. Why? Because they're so dang cool. I love Ida and Small and think they're smart, nice, and wonderful. And they read like I eat Snickers. I had the pleasure of meeting the taters once and I can say they are just as charming in person as they are on the world wide web.

I was also very pleased to see the Potato's distant cousins Fry and Tot from Port Townsend review one of the books I loved, Superfudge by Judy Blume and also Bad To The Bone by Lucy A. Nolan. " 'Sup potato yo's" Go check out both of the awesome new Talking Potatoes book reviews. And while you're at it, become their follower. Why the heck not?

The girl book, boy book debate rages on over at Kirby's for the next few days. And promises to heat up, getting to the heart of the Great Debate that has been flying around the kid litosphere.

Stay tuned sometime this evening for the Great Dubbing. It is Saturday after all. And tip-of-my-hat wag-of-my-finger to, wait, that's taken, lick-of-my-finger and swipe-on-the-air-chalkboard to the Seattle Seahawks for having another preseason game tonight at 5. N0w, if you didn't already know, you do know. I'm a Seahawks junkie. Don't ever expect to talk to me on Sundays once the regular season starts. I will be busy. And in a bad mood when (IF) they lose. : )

Does Amy think this guy is really cute? Yes, yes she does. She thinks it's funny that he is a tight end too.


  1. Oh, never heard of these Talking Potatos, but they do sound cool!

  2. The Talking Potatoes think Ben and his dad are the coolest author/illustrator duo EVER. Ben, you and Adam should go for a game next time you're down this way. We'll take care of Amy and Linus.

  3. Go check them out Corey, they're right up "Thing 1 and Thing 2's" alley!

    Martha B, please tell the Taters thank you so much from both of us. We're BIG fans. And I'd LOVE to go to a Hawks game with Adam. Or watch it on TV or just fart around with him sometime. You both have such a wonderful sense of humor, I love hanging out with both of you. It makes perfect sense that you found each other. What an incredible family. And Adam likes the Hawks? Awesome.

  4. Yes, who can resist a tight end with a tight end in tights? Not I. Go SEAHAWKS go!
    Adam, be warned, Ben takes "farting around" far beyond a figure of speech.
    :-P Amy

  5. I have to go check out these talking potatoes. They sound awesome! And congrats on the review!

  6. It was a great review...of a great book!

    And, you totally speak Tot's language. :)