Friday, August 14, 2009

Cuppa Dan Santat

Jolie Stekly, aka Cuppa Jolie, generously asked before the LA SCBWI conference if there was any questions that we wanted her to get to the bottom of.

She didn't disappoint. And neither did Dan Santat, Lisa Yee, or Jaime Temairik.

Check this out. But only if you want to laugh.

And yes, Dan does give a shout out to Darth Watson, his/my "little light saber pen" and his/my book with the Blue Sky Press. And if anyone hasn't heard yet, Dan and Lisa have a pretty cool book coming out with a pretty cool editing team (Cheryl Klein wasn't there but was the *CO-editor with Arthur Levine), Bobby vs Girls (Accidentally). I met Dan like five years ago at the LA SCBWI just before his The Guild of Geniuses came out (really fun book). I recently asked him to be a friend on facebook, and despite him being famous now and meeting thousands of writers, he still remembered me and even details about me. Cool guy. I also met Lisa Yee at the same conference, when I think Millicent Min: Girl Genius was winning the SCWBI Sid Fleischman humor award (well-deserved, loved it).

I highly recommend both of these cool people's books and blogs. Both are so funny. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wet yourself. Just see Dan's dance instruction, Comic Con trip and pictures or Lisa's pal Peeps, who attacks certain Editors (now agent) like Mark McVeigh (also really nice and talented guy) and slips manuscripts to editors under bathroom stalls.

* This is a correction from my earlier post. I mistakenly mislabeled Cheryl as the main editor, when Arthur was the editor too! Sorry Arturo!


  1. That's right, Ben. I'm generous! That was some serious, back-breaking work to get that exclusive...all in the name of Darth Watson.

  2. Enjoy Shelli. Nothing has done more for stalking than blogging, twitter and facebook. Do the old timer stalkers even bother going on foot anymore? Do they still sit out in cars with binoculars and sift through garbage? What's the point? Everybody just airs their garbage now for everybody on the internet to see. Just sit in a cozy coffee shop and sip your latte at your leisure. Or hang up the overcoat and just stay at home in your pjs. Much more comfortable. No draft. Enjoy the new national pastime Shelli. Stalking, it's not just for mustachioed lotharios anymore (that's for you Jaime!).

    Hey Cuppa A+ Reporting. That was awesome. Really funny. I tip my hat to you. Your grandma sounds fiery. My kind of gal.

  3. I'll go check their blogs out. Sounds like everyone had fun at SCBWI.

  4. For the record, I had no idea Dan was going to talk about me. My teen and I were just sitting there, waiting for him and wondering why he looked like he was sleeping!

  5. thanks for the recommendations, ben. i'll ckeck them out, but i defintiely don't want to wet myself. i appreciate the warning.

  6. Hey Angie, look who's talking! You're the famous-ist of Hobbits, err Bloggers.

    Hi Stephanie, yeah I wish I hadn't missed it for sure.

    LISA YEE! Welcome. Ha, Dan is hilarious. What a team you two make. And don't worry, "we" won't hold you responsible for any of Dan's hi-jinks. EVER! ; ) I am VERY excited about your book though. Loved all of your others and Dan's stuff too. Pretty cool to see you both working your magic on the same book! Can't wait. Thank you very much for commenting.

    Hey Karen. You're welcome. And I completely understand about not wanting to wet yourself. Enjoy.