Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rainy Day

I've missed the rain.

Too much sunshine makes us hermit-writers a little cranky.

My Tree Monster missed it too. He looks pretty happy.

If you missed it here's my Tree Monster post.

Oh, and I'm very happy about a new addition to an incredible family. You are a cutey-pie Clementine. Welcome to this wonderful world. There is sad stuff but lots of wonderful stuff too when you look around, like you.


  1. Oh, I love rain. It's been a long, dry summer. Sigh. But it's cloudy tonight, so I'm feeling better as well.

  2. I remember rain. Where I live it spits and then every once in awhile it dumps for a minute. When it does rain for a day, I love to watch it and breath the pretty smell it makes. Lucky you, making impressionist photos of garden rain. Thank you for sharing you lovely, rainy day. I'll pretend because that's what writers do.

  3. We've had a lot of rain here, but it's mostly been at night. The days are sweltering hot! I'm with you; I could really use a rainy day!

  4. It's been long dry season here in Indonesia (we only have two seasons, dry and rainy). And I miss rainy days...

  5. Yay for the rain. We got some nasty storm clouds today and enough wind to blog my trash can out by the fence, but no rain. Grumble.

  6. We don't get much rain at all here. I wish we got more. Enjoy it while you have it!!!

    And my, Clementine is a beautiful baby. Big congrats to them!

  7. I love the rain too; it means all my friends have to stay inside with me :-) Thailand is like where Begy lives (except we have a cold season too... or a not-as-hot dry season, I guess), and it's rainy at the moment. Puts me in a good mood until Oct/Nov when it stops.

  8. Tree Monster does look happy. I still think he should star in one of your books.


  9. glad you're feeling better Natalie. : )

    Thanks Tricia. Glad you could join me.

    Hey Susan, I'll send some your way. That should help.

    I'll bet Begy. cool bookstore you work at too. Liked the pics.

    Blog your trash can. Great subject to blog, Bj! ;)

    She sure is Casey. What a cool family. She'll grow up with some talent or my name's not Ben. My regards to Trever (or is it Trevor?).

    Hey Adam. Man, when I went to Thailand, the first day we just hung out under a cold shower, actually pulled a chair under the shower, because it was hot and humid. Whew. What a place you live though. Really loved it there. Rain is fun, especially tropical warm rain like you get.

    Thanks Shelley, though I'm more curious about what new books you have up your sleeve.

    And hi Shelli, welcome back from your conference. Bet it was brilliant. Too bad they don't have waterproof laptops. Then we could really write in the rain. ; )

  10. I missed the rain too, Ben! And I missed your blog while I was away. I'm happy to be catching up.

    I love that Monster tree is back.