Sunday, August 9, 2009

My contribution to science

Hello friends. Today I'm taking a minor detour from kid's books to share an amazing scientific discovery. I don't want to say that I'm following in the footsteps of Newton or Edison or anything, but I can tell you they both wear size ten shoes.

Does anybody else ever mix cereals? I know it sounds dangerous but I have discovered an amazing natural (sorta) phenomenon. Ready? Here it is:

1) Pour one half large bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios

2) Pour one half large bowl of Life cereal on top of it

3) Pour generous portion of milk (yes I do chew my fingernails too short)

4) Use spoon, take generous deep spoonfuls and eat

It usually takes about four-plus spoonfuls for the HN Cheerios and the Life to completely trade places.


And lastly, my obligatory, shameless Linus picture.


  1. I love mixing cereals! It's good to hear I'm not crazy and someone else shares in this guilty pleasure.

  2. here's another amazing scientific discovery: "Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx


  3. Yeah Megan, or we're the same kind of crazy. Either way, we're not alone!

    Love it Donna Lyn, excellent quote! And so true...

  4. Um, awesome. You are far more adventurous than me.

  5. Hey.
    It's always nice to find a fellow writer and reader who doesn't take things too seriously.
    Glad I found your blog through your comments on mine.

  6. Yummy! And it looks so healthy while still being tasty. I have to try this. It will be a nice break from my mix of Trix and Fruit Loops. Yeah, I like sugar.

  7. Linus looks so majestic in this picture! Kind of like Aslan in Chronicles of Narnia.....but like, as a dog, you know?


  8. I'm going through a bran flakes phase. Bran flakes with sugar and no raisins. Yum.

    Your wife looks cute hugging Linus, and Linus looks happy to be hugged!

  9. Ha. my kids mix Cheerios with Life all the time. But they prefer the Yogurt Burst kind. And no milk. My kids are weird.

  10. Honey Nut Cheerios are my absolute favorite! But, sorry, I'm a purist. The only things that touch my HNC's are fruit (today it was blueberries) and a little soy milk!

  11. omg Ben, you are a genius.

    And now that Linus has embraced his new position as a non-begetter I think he is looking much more comfortable with himself. And Amy is too cute.

  12. I have a sudden craving for cereal. That and a desire to go give my dog a hug. Hmm...what might have caused that?

  13. Please tell me that you have been to a cereal bar. You were MADE for a cereal bar!

    I just like to dump stuff on top — granola, raisins, blueberries, crack cocaine. You know. The usual.

  14. We don't mix cereals here, but we do put Ovaltine on our Rice Crispies...yummy!

  15. Ben,

    We don't mix cereals. But we have Cereal Killer parties wherein every guest brings a box and we sample and rate them all. The most killer cereal wins! Mmm. Waffle Crisp...

  16. Linus DOES look like Aslan. Very cool!

    We mix cereals here, too. You know, the high content sugar ones with the Cheerios. This way I can give in a little and the kids feel like they've won. Sigh.

  17. Natalie, We both know that's not true.

    Nice to see you too Reesha, and who told you I don't take things too seriously? That's a boldface lie. I take cereal very seriously... Ok, you got me.

    BJ, do NOT abandon your Trix and Fruit Loops! That would be a huge mistake. For a treat when I was in the states last year, Amy "let" me buy myself a box of Fruity Pebbles. The colors in Fruity Pebbles absolutely blow my mind. I'm certain you can't find those colors anywhere outside a nuclear plant. Or a nuclear "plant" if you could find one. Very rare.

    Shelley, you just made him blush. It's just a little hard to see because he's golden. ASLAN? Wow. I don't think I've ever received a compliment like that in my life. Linus has officially eclipsed me. "Not a tame lion."

    I'll take your word on the yum part of that breakfast Dawn. Yeah, they are officially boyfriend/girlfriend now. Somehow I've been usurped. By BOTH of them. I kinda expected Amy falling for Linus, but I always figured Linus would be more attached to me. Early on I tried not to be too much of a dog-hog (I'm prone to that), but maybe I should've more. Linus adores Amy. When she's around he usually is following her around (Shakes fist in the air while shouting "AMY!").

    Corey- HOLD ON! Yogurt Burst? Tell me more about this strange new god. Sounds glorious. And no milk? Achhh. I think I just choked just thinking about the dryness of that. Actually Life does taste good without milk. Speaking of... BRB.

    Deb, you had me at hello blueberries! Yeah. Then you lost me at soymilk. I'm a lifelong milk addict (doesn't do my stomach any favors). Me and my buddy Bay used to have milk guzzling races when we were younger. I'll still challenge any of you to a milk guzzle-off. Say hi to Freckles.

    Yes Jaime, I think you're so right. Now if I can only channel my cereal genius toward some kind of profit we can ride this train to easy street.
    Yeah, Linus doesn't worry about anyone kicking him in the junk or getting anyone pregnant. I think that makes much less stress for sure. Do you think Amy is TOO cute? Hmm. Me too. What should we do about that? Maybe I can cut her hair when she's sleeping or write "too cute" on her face in indelible ink. She must be stopped.

    I don't know Lazy Susan (still funny). Maybe the picture of the golden eunuch may have done it. He is ridiculously cuddly and spoiled. We watch the Dog Whisperer all the time to figure out how to be "Calm Pack Leaders" and Amy is reading his book from the library (now that she finished and loved Martha's "Things That Make Us Sic" and loved that) all to try to counteract him being spoiled. Give your dog a pet for me.

    STEPHANIE!!!! HOLY CRAPPOLA!!! CEREAL BARS? Where have you been all my life? If I knew that was a career too, children's literature may never have been polluted by me. Stephanie you get extra, extra points for this. Crack cocaine is an excellent topping, though you may already have it in stuff and not even know it.,8599,1900849,00.html
    Thank you Stephanie, you have changed my life. And the East Coast (and Arizona) have EVERYTHING. Feel free to tell us what else we're missing out on. Last note: The first Krispy Kreme donuts I had were in Asheville (or near there) NC. That was before they came to the West Coast (as far as I knew).

    Martha Bee, welcome back! You have Serial Killer parties? Should we even be talking publicly about this? And that is my kind of party. Are they just the brand names or do people make their own? Mix their own? Tell me more about your Slasher parties.

    He says thank you Vivian. Don't sigh, you are a great parent! What you're doing is called CLEVER. And psychological warfare. I think you're winning! ; )

    Thanks for the great posts everyone. I'm gonna go hitchhike to a cereal bar now and then swing by Martha's for a killer time.

  18. Wait, I missed Anita! I'm sorry Anita. I was all riled up about cereal bars.

    Ovaltine on your Rice Krispies? Ooh. Bold. And yumm-o to quote Rachel Ray. ( I don't know why I know this, I just do) Do you eat said concoction out on your awesome new patio? Are you writing out there. Looks like a real peaceful writing spot. Or munching spot.

  19. How about Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cocoa Puffs?

    Any substitute for missing LA?

  20. Yeah, my dogs dumped me for my hubby a couple years back. They adore me until he gets home. Traitors. And to think I was the one who pushed for a dog... Good thing they're so cute and cuddly.

  21. Whoa, Red Bull! Does this mean I should stop filling my pets' water dish with it?

    And . . . Krispie Kreme was BORN in North Carolina. We don't just have the good stuff, we invent it.

    (But, you know, Canada has that cool health care thing going on. Can't wait 'til I get some of that action.)

  22. Jennie, now you're just getting dangerous. I don't know what that much sugar could do to a person. But I like it! My substitute for missing LA was my Oregon conference, which I LOVED, but it's the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side thing. I got all jealous when I saw everyone having so much fun and wished I went to that TOO. If I won the lottery I'd go to many more.

    My consolations Dawn. Spouses are so fickle like that. The first tail that wags and there they go. Yeah if Linus wasn't so dang huggable, he'd be out the door. ( Mom's at work and he's curled up next to my writing chair right now. Oh Linus, you're forgiven)

    Yeah, that's right it was Stephanie! I think it maybe even somehow tasted better out there. I've been a little angry at KK lately. Every time I've driven by on a trip near Burlington (seattle) or Tacoma, they're never Hot Now. WTH? It's just no good otherwise but I've been striking out for a long time and there is no KK nearer to me.

    I have figured out how to almost duplicate it. You take a cold KK and put it in the micro with a semi-moist paper towel draped carefully over it. Then you micro on high for only 11 seconds. Ding. Moist, melt-in-your-mouth-almost-as-good-as-the-hot-now delights.

    Yeah the health care thing is pretty freaking sweet. Especially for writers who don't have health care benefits included in their "huge" advances. From an American living across the border, married to an ER Nurse, I PROMISE EVERYONE that most of the horror stories about Canadian health care are bunk. There's pros and cons to everything but people are very proud of their health care up here. Some of the problems they have are the politicians trying to privatize different aspects of it, supposedly to save $, but each time it seems to create more problems.

    The Canadian hospitals do NOT look like Spa and Resorts like US hospitals. Which is one place we could save some money on health care. Quit building 5 star resorts that humble the Queen's digs.

    I'll quit ranting and people can have whatever opinion they want on this and that's cool with me. It just gets me how Americans trash the Canadian system without knowing what they're talking about.

    Amy just gave me a tour of her ER the other day. Pretty cool, felt like I didn't belong at all. Strangely didn't see any death panels at all. Weird.

  23. 22 FRICKEN COMMENTS ON CEREAL!? Holy jeez. :)

  24. oh oh oh, sorry. I see 19 of them are your's Ben. hahaha. Big Brother at your service. ;)


  25. Thanks to you, 24 sucker. Nice of you to make an appearance again finally. And cereal is a very misunderstood science. Your brother is breaking incredible new ground Jesse. Stay tuned next week for how much milk I can chug with or without throwing up.

    Don't be afraid to come back occasionally. You might learn some stuff.

  26. My husband warms tortillas the same way! I didn't even THINK about heating doughnuts like that. Genius!

    And I know. It's still difficult for me to fathom why so many Americans trash something so wonderful. [Steph bangs head against desk. And then wall.] The wealthy officials want to keep their money, and everyone else is . . . what? Afraid of change? (Even though they're also afraid to step foot in a hospital, because they'll never be able to pay off the bills. ARGH.)

  27. No, I've never mixed cereals. It sounds anarchist. I like it.