Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well it is Saturday, and you know what that means.

Okay, you caught me. I am a filthy liar. It is actually Sunday at 12:24 AM. BUT, it's still Saturday in Hawaii, SO, on with the show.

I have travelled on nearly every form of transportation to bring you this week's dubbing. This is a special dubbee, because I have known her the longest of anyone I know on the blogosphere. This supremely talented, gorgeous lady, lives in my favorite small town in Washington. She's married, sorry guys, and has a beautiful family. To top it all off she also has an incredibly cute dog. See-----------}

This wonderfully encouraging writer--excuse me--novelist, is incredibly generous to other writers and illustrators. She is also passionate about children's books. Did I mention that she was the SCBWI WWA Regional co-advisor who was well known for organizing conferences known for how organized they were? Yep, organizing organized conferences. This year she's organizing (you know it will be well organized organization too) the SCBWI WWA writing retreat. AND with her partner in crime and secret messages, Holly Cupala, has provided the incredible Summer Revision Smackdown, as you probably know.

Who is this stylish writer I speak of? None other than the great bloggerista, Jolie Stekly, aka CUPPA JOLIE. Now dubbing Jolie has been especially difficult as she already has such a classy nom-de-plume as Cuppa Jolie. So I figured we'd better continue to rob Cuppa Jolie of pictures for inspiration...

Let's start in Missoula, Montana. Origin of writers Jolie Stekly and Norman Maclean.
How about a quote Norm.

"We always assumed that these three words were spoken directly to the four of us in our family and had no reference to the world outside, which my brother and I soon discovered was full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the farther one gets from Missoula, Montana."
- N. Maclean from A River Runs Through It

Jolie's fashion sense and skill continued to develop as she grew up and people started to take notice.

Yes this heart-breaker and budding talent began to find her voice. The sky was the limit for her writing and her hair.

And one day she moved to a sleepy town surrounded by water, mountains, and hippies.

And she got a puppy.

And a caffeine addiction.

Any-who, Jolie is a talented bloggist, novelist, and any other good ist you can come up with.

So after much thought and late-night deliberation I came up with some final dub candidates. Would it be the Stiletto Wielding Scribe or the Chic Writer Chick?


It is time. With all sleep-deprived neurosis and proper tradition, I Muse-Killer, do by the powers invested in Freddie Mac, solemnly and with great admiration,

Do Dub Thee...

Cuppa Jolie. It's just too good. It fits you perfectly. Congratulations you are who you have always been. A wonderful person. And a caffeine addict. Now, live long and apostrophate.


  1. Oh, Cuppa Jolie does fit her perfectly. I think I'm addicted to her, too. :-)

  2. Ah, thanks Martha!

    And, oh my! Am I blushing?...I think I am. How many compliments can one Cuppa take? All know I love it. Who doesn't like to be told sweet things? Thanks, Ben.

    And look at that cute pic of my pup. And look at all those frightening pictures of ME! You did have to post one at me in my "awkward" stage and the senior pic--eew! I did have me some big hair, huh?

    I do have to say, I love the other names you came up with, too! I think Stiletto Wielding Scribe will now be my super hero name...just imagine a sexy pair of heals that doulbe as a pen! But I will say...I have become very fond of the Cuppa name! :)

    Thanks again, Ben. It's been an honor to be dubbed by you.

  3. Congrats to Cuppa! As a coffee-swilling southerner, I lurve you new/old dub. Does that make it a double dub? :)

    Mr. Tom Thumb -- you, sir, have blog bling awaiting at my place.

  4. Love the pictures. fun. Cuppa Jolie is indeed perfect for you, Jolie!

  5. Oh, hooray for Jolie! I second Martha - it's one addiction I can't give up!

  6. Martha, Kjersten and Holly, good to know we're all on the same page, err addiction to you-know-who.

    Thank you so much Angie for the bling. Being mostly from the northwest, we don't wear much bling, so I could sure use some blog bling. Thank you ma'am.

    Cuppa Jolie, they aren't frightening pics, they're cute! And of that's your awkward stage, then what does that mean for the rest of us? The honor is all on this side of the water, err internet, desk. Whatever it is. I've been trying to fish around for the subscribe comments email thing, but not sure yet. Will work on it. Jolie, I couldn't find your email on your profile or whatever, and I didn't want to write you the whole thing to bore everybody, that's why if you sent me an email I could email you back. I couldn't find you in the phonebook either at my parents. But I'll be back down for the Super Tuesday thing at the end of the month, and for my nieces bd and bro's book party (pretty sure), so I was hoping to just bump it back, not completely ditch you.

  7. Yay! Jolie has been dubbed! Congrats! :)

  8. Well deserved! Love the Stiletto Wielding Scribe moniker! Though, you're right...Cuppa Jolie is pretty awesome.

    Interesting note--one of my critique buddies went to a conference, and come to find out, she went to the same one you did! She said it was fantastic! Hope you learned a lot!

  9. Oh, she sounds fabulous. I will have to check out her blog. And definitely want to hear more about the conference!

  10. Hey Dawn, you were the first to call for Jolie's dub. And when Dawn speaks, we listen.

    Who was it Vivian?? I had an awesome time at the conference and am going to doll it out over a series of blogs about it. Who is your writing buddy? Did they stay on campus? Commute?

    Hey Corey! She is fabulous, though it is funny to me that you guys don't know each other already. That's the weird thing about the blogosphere, you forget everybody's not in the same room, or in your case, not on the same tropical island. She's right up your alley, funny, fun, and loves writing.