Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ultimate Tuesday and other biz

Now that I have my blog back in my firm, manly, non-sensitive hands (After my wife Amy's hijacking), it's time to catch up with a little business. Up next I have a bunch of stuff to share about my amazing conference complete with photos. So much, I'll probably steal a page out of Natalie's book at Between Fact and Fiction and do a series of posts.

First of all I wanted to let people know that I'm going to be in Ballard with my dad for the Ultimate Tuesday at Secret Garden Books on the 28th of July. Really excited about this, so any of you Seattle blogosphere pals, I'd love to meet you in person if you get a chance. Also my dad did a pretty cool post about me, that I'm finally now getting around to gratefully sharing. To the right is a drawing he did of me hard at work, or possibly blogging. Notice the mac.

I also had the opportunity to do an interview with Amy Baskin at her awesome kid lit and writer blog, Euphoria. I came within a whisker of meeting Amy in person while I was in Portland, but unfortunately we just couldn't make it happen. Did talk to her on the phone and it's funny when cyberspace personas become real people with voices and faces.

My cyber pal, Angie Ledbetter rewarded me with some blog bling at her hilarious, cool blog, Gumbo Writer. She's from Baton Rouge and if she doesn't make you laugh within two posts, I'll buy you a coffee. And a sense of humor. I'll be doing the official Kreativ Blogger ceremony some day (famous last words) where I nominate my own seven blogs.

Thank you so much Angie. I love your last name. It sounds like you should be a blues guitarist or something. Do you play?

Last thing, check out Holly's alter ego, The Extraordinary Whipped Jones. She also has a new, great SRS revision tip from Janet Lee Carey.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my version of the country mouse visiting the big city. Complete with gang fights, writer brawls, and critique groups. Okay two of those are lies.


  1. Your dad is so cool. That is a great illustration.

    I'm giving all my pickpocket friends and Ballardian hooligan connections your photo and event details so you'll be sure to have more blog post fodder for the next few weeks on the perils of city visits.

    Or I could just attend your event and buy your book and bring some cupcakes.

    Going to flip a coin on that.

  2. Wish I weren't so far away. Missing out on lots of great west coast stuff this summer!

  3. Man do I wish I could bend space and be in Seattle and Utah at the same time. Also, steal away, as long as it's not my books. Least I can do after killing your muse (she was distracting mine! it had to be done.).

  4. Thanks for the warm words. I don't play anything but the keyboard. :) Loved your wife's post!

  5. Thanks Jaime, pickpockets and hooligans? I'll be right at home. Clever women like yourself and the Grammarian around and I start feeling a little inadequate. I'd love to see you, hubby and dog in tow or not, cupcakes in tow, absolutely! As for buying my book, no worries on that front. Just have your pickpocket friends nick you an extra. I used to work at a used bookstore in PT called William James, anyways we had a book by someone (I forget now) with the title, STEAL THIS BOOK! Every day we checked to see if someone had yet or not, I think I was a little disappointed when they didn't.

  6. I pick heads too Jaime.

    Hi Corey. You're not missing much, just a lamborghini door prize to the thousandth customer. Match box, but the real deal. Someday I hope we bump into each other at one of these bookie events and get to shoot the shee...breeze.

    Natalie, something tells me you've already been experimenting with bending space and time. Utah and Seattle? Can you imagine if all the people in Salt Lake and Seattle suddenly were in the exact same place. Jimi Hendrix, Bill Gates and Kurt Cobain having lattes with Joe Smith, Karl Malone, John Fitzgerald (Great Brain Books), and Donnie and Marie Osborn? The only better combo would be Crawford, Texas and Berkeley, CA. No worries, the only thing I steal from you is your clever posting techniques and ninjitsu techniques. I can't even finish my ONE novel, let alone the twenty you're brewing.

    I'll bet you play a mean keyboard Angie. Yeah she did great, too great. I'm gonna be looking over my shoulder now. I think she just raised the bar.

  7. I think I forgot a question mark in there Natalie. Commence stoning.

  8. *waves* I'm new here, but you have a great blog! Your book looks fantastic too. I'll go check out what your dad has to say...

  9. *waves back* Hi ElanaJ!!! Welcome and thank you so much. Look forward to checking your blog out as well.

  10. Ooh, count me in for the time and space bending. I'd love to be in Seattle and Utah at the same time--somehow I feel like I'd get a lot done. :)

  11. Yeah, Jenn, if we could bend time and space, then we could have coffee and discuss the finer points of delivering flaming poop bags. Go see Jenn's blog to find out what they heck I'm talking about and to see the world's best rejection letter line. Good on ya Jenn. You have a an awesome blog!

  12. Are you willing to sign my children? :-)

  13. Yes, I will sign your children. Or dogs. But only in permanent ink or spray paint. And they must sign a contract agreeing to display said signature for a full two months while wearing an inconspicuous sandwich board with a small and tasteful poster of my book, The Boy Who Went Ape. I think that's fair.

  14. Nope, no space time bending for me...yet. A Wrinkle in Time kind of covered that for now I think.

  15. Ben, I'm hoping that the critique groups and gang fights are the not true ones, because I could really use me some good ole fashioned writer brawls! *please, please, please let it be writer brawls!*

    (I am reminded of the celebrity death match of JK Rowling vs Stephen King....if you haven't seen it, well........there are no words to describe it.) could be like, i dunno, where you pit famous writers against one another and the audience picks. Like:

    Shakespeare or Mark Twain

    okay, which one?


  16. That's pretty much the greatest drawing I've seen all summer. I sincerely hope you have a wolf suit, and if you do not, PLEASE GO PURCHASE ONE IMMEDIATELY.

    Also . . . Macs rule!

  17. Macs do rule and I'm gonna have to do a post on that, as soon as I get all the other ones I need to done.

    Wait, hold that thought... I'll be right back. Need wolf suit.

    Dang Maurice Sendak hogging the best ideas. And wolf suits. That would be a perfect halloween costume. Wait, screw that, it would be a great wear around outfit. Or writing outfit. That's another post I need to do. Writing comfort outfits/clothes. See, I get near Stephanie's posts and creativity just pours out of my ears and other places. Thanks for the compliment too, I'll pass it on to my pops.