Saturday, July 25, 2009


We take a short intermission from your thrilling conference adventure to bring you another Saturday (Fine, Early Sunday AM) evening dub.

You didn't think I'd forget did you?

It is Saturday and that means it's time for a dubbing. But first, here's a second shameless photo op of my puppy (if I can still call him that), Linus.

Anyone sensing a theme here? No, not cute golden retrievers. Water. Specifically underwater.

Which brings me to today's dubbee, Corey Schwartz, all the way from the right side of the map,
also know as the right coast, or New Jersey. Corey is an excellent writer, all-star mom, wife, professional bloggarista (Thing One and Thing Two), and scuba diver who travels to exotic places like the Cayman Islands to explore underwater worlds.

Corey wanted to be dubbed as the Scuba Goddess, but that was already taken after Jaime T's bathtub expedition she led last month where she opened her golden egg underwater and heard the mermaids sing the next clue to the Tri Wizard Cup. Sorry where was I?

Yes, as the Scuba Goddess was taken by Cocoa Stomp, we've tried here at, I, uh, think I killed my muse, to come up with the next best dub.

So, without further ado, with all late-night seriousness and white-wine induced logic, without shame or regret, wholly lacking taste or discretion, in all official nerdiness and due process, and with the authority invested in me by the former grammatically-challenged Governor of Alaska,


A Fish Called Wanda.

Just kidding, just seeing if you've all hung with me so far,




Live long and avoid fish nets.

"Baby it's betta', down where it's wetta', take it from me..."
- Sebastian the Crab


  1. Aw, thanks! You made my day! I am thrilled and honored :)

  2. Devilishly divine dub! Congrats to the mermaid.

  3. POIfect! (I lived in Joysie for three years. Not that it gives me any authority, grammatically-challenged or otherwise, to comment on the accent. But I can pretend well enough.)

  4. Whatta guy! Whatta gal! This really is so funny and so right. Congratulations Corey for being superbly dubbed.

  5. You're welcome Corey. The honor is ours, right here on this side of the computer screen. Still waiting for that pronunciation correction of The Shore...? It's dangerous treading in waters you don't belong in, and me even coming near a Jersey accent is verbotten.

    Thanks Casey. Nice to be your friend on facebook too.

    Gratzie Angie.

    I'm pretending too Yat-Yee, but not really well! I worked for a guy at used bookstore in Port Townsend, WA, who was originally from Jersey, and he had a great accent. He also had a chin like GI Joe, pretty handsome fella. And he was single so lots of middle-aged women would come in to the store and see me and be disappointed it wasn't him. But I digress... Thanks for commenting.

    If anybody hasn't read Tricia's new dub on beach enlightenment yet, go do so. She made an amazing discovery at the beach. Bet ya didn't know that the ocean was held up by posts. Go check it out.

    And leave it to Martha to get this posts funniest comment award. And yes it does Martha. Didn't I make that clear? Well, it does.
    Here it is:

    -{. } { .}-

  6. is it just me or does sebastian sound a little nasty? and the ocean is held up by posts. hmmm.

    and thanks for introducing me to cory!

  7. That's so cool, Corey! Good pick, BJW!

  8. he does Karen! You're welcome, she's a cool cat.

    Nice to meet you Lazy writer, feel like I'm talking to myself with that name.
    Welcome! And I sneaked a peek at your blog and am now happily a follower. cheers!

  9. Completely . . . distracted . . . by puppy picture . . .

    What were we talking about? Huh? Clamshell bras?


    (I have a golden & a golden/lab mix. But they're white-faced and elderly. Still as sweet as pie, but far past the spunky puppy stage.)